Finding respondents for research can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you need specific respondents. Panels provide a faster, easier way to find respondents for your research and these panel companies can help. 

Research panels give you the convenience of having pre-screened respondents at your fingertips who are ready and willing to participate in surveys, studies or other types of research. Having these respondents on-hand lets you recruit large groups of participants quickly and easily in a wide variety of industries and specialties, either locally, nationally or globally. Whether a general audience is needed or a niche audience with specific ethnicities, occupations or age groups, this large reach allows you to choose from different types of respondents, from consumers to professionals and experts, to difficult-to-reach or difficult-to-find respondents. Panels let you target specific respondents, making the research more relevant and personalized. Here are some of the top companies offering online panels and other online research services.

Branded Research Inc.

Founded 2012 | 30 employees

Matt Gaffney, CEO

Branded is a leading data and technology company that gathers unique insights to help our clients make more informed marketing and product development decisions. Through proven and innovative methods, as well as proprietary technologies like Branded Surveys, Branded Research is able to actively engage with consumers and reach specified target audiences, resulting in more precise and complete end data. Our community is founded on core principles of social engagement and the power of the simple conversation. It’s what sets us apart from the rest. We believe that a relevant, quality conversation elicits a quality response.

Phone 888-848-2525    

Canadian Viewpoint Inc.

Founded 1980 | 50 employees

Carol Udell, CEO

Come for our Canadian panel, stay for our team of polite, professional experts in fieldwork both offline and online and qualitative and quantitative. Our top-quality data collection solutions include a proprietary English/French Canadian consumer panel of more than 300,000 active, double opt-in, validated, profiled panelists and other specialized panels (e.g., medical). We also offer sampling, programming, face-to-face (e.g., intercept/mall research, taste/pack tests, exit interviews, IDIs, groups, CLR, pre-recruits), two permanent mall locations, CATI with our own in-house phone center and global fieldwork. And we love building innovative solutions to meet seemingly impossible fieldwork needs!

Phone 905-770-1770


Founded 1998

Tom Buehlmann, CEO; Richard Thornton, Deputy CEO and COO

Cint is a software company developing technology to innovate the way insights are gathered. Cint specializes in API and SaaS solutions offering efficient, user-friendly tools to access online consumer panels as well as panel management software. Cint’s exchange platform is a fully transparent insights marketplace, bringing together questions and answers from all around the world. Cint has developed and hosts the world’s Insight Exchange. Reach more than 40 million consumers in 80+ countries, all sourced via 1,500+ different panels owned by publishers, local media outlets, market research agencies and nonprofits.

Phone 818-754-9582

Consumerfieldwork GmbH

Founded 2006 | 6 employees

Christian Brieskorn, CEO

If you need a German online panel sample look no further and request Consumerfieldwork. We are an established medium-sized proprietary German online panel founded in 2006 and focused on our home market. With us everything is “Made in Germany.” Apart from the panel, the project managers at Consumerfieldwork are German, know the local market firsthand (that can really help in sampling!) and each has at least 10 years of experience in panel business. If you value our German quality approach at a reasonable price (no minimum!) or just want to grab our 25 percent new customer discount, send your RFQs for German sample our way.

Phone +49-40-74041980

Critical Mix

Founded 2011 | 175+ employees globally

Hugh Davis and Keith Price, Co-CEOs

Critical Mix creates insights that drive business decisions with easy, collaborative tools to access global target audiences, program engaging surveys and visualize results. Insights professionals around the world rely on our simplified solutions to help them innovate and grow. Critical Mix is passionate about providing the best customer experience in the industry. Every project, no matter the size or type, is supported by a dedicated, always-available team of professionals who anticipate your needs and provide thoughtful customer care. The company operates globally with locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Phone 800-651-8240  

Focus Pointe Global

Founded 1988 | 480 employees

Laura Livers, CEO

FPG provides high-quality marketing research data collection services by leveraging new techniques and technologies that make market insights more accessible, accurate and affordable. Whether quick-turn insights or more in-depth research, FPG incorporates accepted methodologies with digital solutions. Its team of survey experts has the sampling expertise for pinpoint accuracy in delivering the right participants, at the right time, in the right environment. FPG’s 1.6 million-member panel provides the participants required for any qualitative or quantitative study. With 19 focus group facilities in major U.S. markets, FPG is committed to providing unrivaled research solutions with professional integrity and the highest level of service quality. Panel members enjoy an interactive online experience by registering and managing their accounts at 

Phone 888-873-6287

Full Circle Research Co.

Founded 2013 | 12 employees

Adam Weinstein, co-CEO; Nathan Lynch, co-CEO

Named #917 on Inc. 5000 for 2017, Full Circle Research Co. is the first and only U.S.-based online consumer sample provider to earn ISO 26362 certification and the only company to offer HoNoR (Holistic Next-level Research™). This enhanced survey experience is unprecedented and automated – a marriage of advanced technology, flexible community strategies and industry-leading quality controls that give business decision makers immediate access to the purest data in the industry. Full Circle’s foresight, agility and commitment to innovation translate into a uniquely proactive, consultative experience. To learn more, visit

Phone 301-762-1972

Global Survey

Founded 2007 | 25 employees

Mayank Bhanushali, Founder and Managing Director

Global Survey, as our name suggests, is one of the global leaders in using digital data collection to power analytics and insights. We provide data-driven decision-making for clients who listen to and interact with the world’s consumers and business professionals through Global Survey online panels, as well as mobile, digital and social media technologies. We apply the breadth of over 88 online consumer panels and communities across 70 countries to your market research studies. And, we’re dedicated to continually fine-tuning our panel network to ensure quality and growth as your research needs change over time. Global Survey works with many of the world’s leading market research agencies, media agencies and corporations.

Phone +91-79-25890030  


Founded 2014 | 75 employees

Gregg Lavin, Matt Dusig, George Llorens, Co-Founders

InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling company. Our ingenuity, reliability and agile approaches to sampling deliver Faster Answers™. We find ways for quicker turnarounds and sourcing the hard-to-reach audiences. Our panel quality builds trust and confidence with our clients. Our speed in launching projects and sampling platform efficiency translates into lower costs and quicker decision-making.

Phone 818-584-2090


Founded 1996 | 700+ employees globally

Caroline Frankum, Global CEO

Consumers are eager to participate in the insights process but they need a modern, mobile way to do it. At Lightspeed, we are on a mission to help clients discover truth through data and boldly challenge the status quo to find faster, more creative ways of connecting brands and consumers. As the leading digital data collection specialist, we build richer profiles of millions of people across the globe and leverage our first-party panel relationships and patented Honesty Detector, along with our Programmatic Gravity Network and LifePoints mobile app, to deliver the “buy and why” insights that power today’s decisions. 

Phone 908-605-4500

M3 Global Research

Founded 2006 | 500+ employees

Amber Leila Esco, CSO; Roni Das Gupta, CRO

M3 Global Research, part of M3 Inc., provides market research recruitment, data collection and support services reaching respondents in 248 markets across 70 countries worldwide with a strong emphasis on the health care space. Working in highly regulated industries, M3 maintains ISO 26362 and 27001 certifications, providing data collection and project management capabilities covering a broad spectrum of quantitative and qualitative techniques. M3 operates in the Americas, Asia and Europe with more than 3.5 million physician members via our medical portals. Beyond HCPS, M3 Global Research creates and maintains panels of patients and caregivers. M3 provides global thinking and local knowledge.

Phone Quantitative: 844-M3-QUANT; Qualitative: 844-M3-VIEWS


Founded 1978 | 30 employees

Paul Golota, CEO and Co-Founder

MedSurvey helps organizations gather quality health care data by conducting market research surveys with knowledgeable health care professionals and patients. While MedSurvey was officially founded in 2002, our history of being a leader in recruiting respondents for health care surveys spans decades. Medical market research is all we do and all we’ve done for over 40 years. Our best-in-the-business recruitment techniques that leverage our deep relationships with the medical community and our focus on creating outstanding participant experiences means faster project turnaround, better quality data and happier clients. 

Phone 866-963-3000  

Mindfield Online Internet Panels

Founded 1980 | 110 employees

Gary McMillion, CEO

The premier online consumer panel! Mindfield Online is powered by almost 40 years of market research and data collection experience. We were a tenured and respected research company long before creating our own panel. We have designed our panel with the core principles of the industry to insure quality data (IQD) on every project. Our IQD real-time electronic countermeasures line every project to eliminate quality issues as they occur and our panel is 100-percent Experian-verified. Let us help you with both the hard and easy projects.

Phone 800-969-9235

myCLEARopinion Panel

Founded 2008

Mitch Henderson, CEO

Stop using multiple databases, customer-supplied spreadsheets or “spray and pray” directories in hopes of finding the right people for your B2B-skilled industry research needs. For years the struggle was very real, that’s why we created myCLEARopinion. Specializing in B2B-skilled industry sample, myCLEARopinion provides access to a unique and powerful audience of U.S. decision makers representing HVAC, engineering, architecture, construction, maintenance, flooring, roofing, plumbing, mechanical systems, packaging, manufacturing, safety, security and food and beverage industries. We offer online sample, research services, hosting and programming. Curated for market researchers, by market researchers, you will love working with myCLEARopinion Panel.

Phone 248-786-1274

NORC at the University of Chicago

Founded 1941 | 1,800 employees

Dan S. Gaylin, CEO and President; J. Michael Dennis, AmeriSpeak Executive Director and NORC Senior Vice President

AmeriSpeak® is NORC’s probability-based household panel. AmeriSpeak has an industry-leading response rate. Our clients, such as the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, rely on AmeriSpeak for our accuracy in survey results and scientific defensibility in our methodology. Key features of AmeriSpeak: area probability sampling, face-to-face recruitment, scientific transparency, telephone surveying for non-net and low-literacy households, Spanish-language and teen surveys and calibration of large-scale non-probability samples. More than data collection, AmeriSpeak leverages and collaborates with NORC research scientists, statisticians and methodologists and survey experts to provide full-service solutions to clients in government, foundations, academia, advertising and marketing.   

Phone 312-759-5218

OMI (Online Market Intelligence)

Founded 2007 | 70 employees

Dr. Alexander Shashkin, CEO

Online Market Intelligence (OMI) is a leading local provider of online fieldwork in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan and the only ISO 20252- and 26362-certified company in the Eastern European region (by CIRQ, Insights Association). With OMI online panels you can access over 900k consumers, 104k vehicle owners, 9k IT professionals, 95k physicians, 100k mobile users, recruited from a wide variety of local Web portals and professional sites. Deep profiling and accurate targeting options are available: We can target various geographies and audiences such as moms with kids of certain age, pregnant women, gamers, frequent travelers, etc. We use advanced quality control procedures, including regular removal of fraudulent panelists. Your 100 percent English-speaking and effective local partner!

Phone +7-495-660-9415

Opinions 4 Good (Op4G)

Founded 2010 | 25 employees

Frank Nappo, CEO

Online market research panel Op4G invites its panel members to participate in paid online research surveys and then requires they donate a portion of their incentives – at least 25 percent and up to 100 percent – back to one of its 300+ nonprofit organizations. Op4G’s unique approach to recruiting yields a highly engaged group of quality people who, as respondents, are dedicated to helping market research clients fulfill information needs. Clients’ incentive funds have allowed panel members to donate over $450,000 to Op4G’s growing number of nonprofit partners. Op4G is headquartered in Portsmouth, N.H., and operates globally.

Phone 603-766-5858  


Founded 2010 | 55+ employees

Mathijs de Jong, Co-founder and CEO

P2Sample is the most sophisticated programmatic sample provider in the market research industry, with an active member panel of 30+ million members worldwide, including in hard-to-reach demographics. As a technology-driven company, P2Sample leads the way in implementing new approaches and techniques that deliver better-quality data. From proprietary algorithms that optimize respondent experience and engagement to artificial intelligence that works continuously to mitigate fraud, P2Sample is committed to rock-solid feasibility, agile delivery and maximum dependability.

Phone 404-446-2720

Questia Group

Founded 2015 | 10 employees

Andreea Nedelcu, Chief Business Development Officer

We are a tech and data start-up in the business of online public opinion with a strong international presence. Using a mix of technology, innovative approach and cutting-edge research methodologies, we provide a unique way of capturing actionable insights by talking to the target audiences constantly and in real-time. With our fresh and agile approach, we are able to take the pulse as events unfold and come up with the insights you need. Success is rooted in the ability of clear thinking and acting quickly. And we deliver this opportunity with high efficiency and enthusiasm. This is our everyday fuel. Enjoying what we do is our way of guaranteeing we never run out of gusto. We are Questia Group. Let’s meet. 

Phone +40723-607-617

Rare Patient Voice LLC

Founded 2013 | 8 full-time, 40 part-time patient advocates

Wes Michael, CEO

Rare Patient Voice recruits hard-to-find patients and caregivers in the U.S. and Canada for qualitative and quantitative market research. We attend patient events such as conferences and walks to build our panels so that our patients are authentic and we can complete recruits within two weeks. We focus on recruiting only. Some of our panels include: all cancer types, Crohn’s, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, epilepsy, gaucher, hemophilia, HIV, Huntington’s, lupus, mental health, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, primary immunodeficiency, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, sickle cell, Sjogren’s and spinal muscular atrophy. For cancer we have stage. For non-cancer we have medication used.

Phone 410-218-0527  

Reckner Healthcare

Founded 1991 | 225 employees

David Reckner, CEO

Reckner Healthcare provides the industry’s most trusted health care panel for pharmaceutical and medical marketing research projects. Serving clients for more than 25 years, the company specializes in delivering access to physicians, allied health care professionals, hospital administration, payers and decision makers across the United States and the world. With unparalleled project management and in-house technology teams, Reckner offers recruiting and scheduling for qualitative and quantitative health care research projects. Leveraging our independently-maintained panel and internally-designed panel management system, we provide fast access and easy platform linkages. Services include list-matching, recruitment, scheduling, verbal confirmations, programming, hosting and honoraria/1099 management.

Phone 215-822-6220

Research Now SSI

Founded 1977

Gary Laben, CEO

Research Now SSI is the global leader in digital research data for better insights and business decisions. The company provides world-class research data solutions that enable better results for more than 3,500 market research, consulting, media, health care and corporate clients. Research Now SSI operates globally with locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific and is recognized as the quality, scale and customer satisfaction leader in the market research industry. and


Founded 2013 | 46 employees

Jacqueline Rosales, Chief of Operations

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know. Brands need insights that lead to great ideas. SoapBoxSample helps you turn your business questions into actionable insights. MySoapBox, our panel of highly-engaged respondents, was created to handle high-touch studies and mixed methodologies. Our passive metering panel, MySoapBox Meter, collects path-to-purchase data without disrupting the shopping process. Offering a FRESH blend of research and technology, our suite of services includes: Community Insight Platform (icmib); mobile and app-based research; passive metering; online data collection; and full-service design and analytics.

Phone 855-SOAPBOX

SurveyMonkey Audience

Founded 1999 | 750 employees

Zander Lurie, CEO

SurveyMonkey Audience is the fastest DIY market research solution. Built right into the SurveyMonkey platform, we’ve integrated with panels in over 100 countries to enable global consumer research anytime, anywhere and for any budget. Target respondents by demographics or custom screening questions, automatically launch projects on your schedule, and start seeing results in real-time. SurveyMonkey Audience gets you instant feedback for a variety of market research use cases: ad testing, product development, brand tracking, consumer behavior, crisis management and more. Load Audience Credits for one-time financial approval and one-click checkout or expedite fielding by choosing High Priority Status. Run your own market research in minutes with SurveyMonkey Audience.

Symmetric, A Decision Analyst Company

Founded 2016 | 150+ employees

Jason Thomas, President of Symmetric

Our worldwide Internet panels set the standard for quality and consistency. Our suite of double opt-in panels include American Consumer Opinion® – worldwide panel of over 7 million consumers; Physicians Advisory Council® – our panel of over 20,000 verified physicians and surgeons; Medical Advisory Board™ – worldwide panel of over 40,000 nurses, optometrists, pharmacists and other health care professionals; Executive Advisory Board® – worldwide panel of over 100,000 managers and executives; Technology Advisory Board® – worldwide panel of over 105,000 information system professionals; and Contractor Advisory Board® – worldwide panel of over 30,000 general contractors from all segments of the construction industry.

Phone 817-640-6166


Founded 2000 | 1,200+ employees

Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO

Toluna is a leading provider of on-demand consumer insights, empowering companies to brainstorm ideas, uncover new business opportunities and get answers to questions in real-time. With its innovative business concept Insights On Demand™, Toluna is transforming the future of market research, making consumer intent instantly accessible and understandable for companies of all sizes across multiple industries. Toluna’s end-to-end automated research platform combines advanced technology and industry-proven methodologies with on-demand access to the world’s largest community of 14+ million consumers in 68 countries. The company is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, and has over 25 offices in Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. For more information, visit

Phone 203-834-8585

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