Editor’s note: Thor Olof Philogéne is CEO and founder of technology company Stravito. 

Consumer needs and expectations are changing faster than ever, and companies must adapt and evolve if they wish to maintain relevance and market share. As insights into consumer and market behaviors and trends have become increasingly necessary to make informed business decisions, the tools used to gather insights have improved dramatically. 

Today, businesses can leverage the power of AI to automate repetitive research processes and help centralize insights that can be discovered, shared and reused across global enterprises. 

With the rise of user-friendly enterprise technology, this is the age of democratizing insights. An age in which companies can increase the value of their collected research and data by making it available to stakeholders across the entire organization. Below I have compiled three things organizations can do today to maximize the impact of their insights, to help business leaders identify and address gaps or bottlenecks with existing research use. 

The world we live in (and by extension, the world we work in), is becoming increasingly tech-forward. This means that the expectations regarding the quality of tech are shifting. While concerns about technology making human skills irrelevant are understandable, the reality is that the right tech exists to enhance human expertise, not to replace it.

Upskilling employees to ensure they are equipped with the digital skills needed to navigate new technology and understand the benefits of it is vital here. 

As shared by professor’s Tsedal Neeley and Paul Leonardi in the Harvard Business Review, employees need to be motivated to use their skills to create new opportunities. They need a digital mind-set to understand how data, algorithms and AI can open up new possibilities, and find success in a world fueled by digital intelligence and...