Editor’s note: Brian Heikes is VP of product at mobile marketing firm 3Cinteractive, Boca Raton, Fla.

Today’s brands are looking to be current, relevant and timely in order to have the most impact on a target audience. With the help of the Internet, mobile devices and social media, brand marketers and researchers can create meaningful campaigns to generate more sales. Artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligence amplification (IA) are two technologies that can assist in improving outcomes.

AI and IA are pushing organizations to create content to pull in new consumers and continue enchanting the customers who have been there since the beginning.

Thanks to science fiction films, novels and comic books, AI and IA can be misunderstood concepts. No, this technology will not aid in the robot apocalypse, however it may help revolutionize business and customer service.

AI programming allows machines to mimic human conduct. AI empowers a computer to cooperate with humans without human assistance, allowing computers to work autonomously. By providing predetermined responses to simple questions and altering those answers based on past human interactions, AI programs are able to give humans more specific, accurate and personalized responses to the requests they receive. This innovation, as of now, is being utilized in popular products such as the option to like and dislike music on Spotify. Other popular products like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri also use the power of AI to assist their human counterparts.

IA, with respect to AI, has gotten less publicity. IA is the utilization of computers to improve or increase the knowledge and capacity of the human brain. While the human brain is impressive on its own, it is nearly impossible to access and use all of the information that the brain has ever received to make decisions. IA is commonly misunderstood, yet may have more of a day-to-day impact than...