Editor’s note: This article provides an overview of two webinars from Quirk’s Wisdom Wednesday virtual series. The next Wisdom Wednesday series will take place on September 20. It will feature webinars from SurveyMonkey, Caplena and quantilope. 

In June, quantilope and Human Listening™ gave webinars on brand health tracking and conversational AI, respectively. 

In the first webinar, brand health tracking was summarized into three principles by quantilope, which are designed for the category, analyzed for the buyer and reported for the brand. 

In the second webinar, Human Listening™ covered how chatbots can be used to skip the step of deciding between quant and qual research, which will ultimately help researchers get to insights faster. 

In the webinar, “New Brand Health Tracking: Grow Your Brand with Mental Availability,” Alex Hall, associate director, and Madita Brandhorst, senior solution consultant, quantilope, explained the company’s brand health tracking system, how it is utilized and the two new metrics it uses: mental availability and category entry points. 

During the webinar, Hall and Brandhorst focused on the importance of mental availability, which in this scenario is defined as when the brand comes to mind in any buying situation. 

“In order to grow we know that a brand has to come to mind in as many buying situations as possible,” said Brandhorst.

Brandhorst continued explaining how mental availability is when a brand comes to mind in a specific situation, which can be a need, occasion or motivation. 

The speakers explained the process of using mental availability and category entry points through an example with Coca-Cola. Hall gave the example of the category entry point as a consumer walking down the street and thinking, “I am thirsty.”

Then the mental availability would be the same consumer thinking of wanting a Coke because of an ad they saw of ...