Using Online Qualitative to Navigate Changing Consumer Needs

Editor's note: Digsite's webinar on May 20, 2020, focused on the qualitative tools and technologies companies are using to stay on top of consumer needs. 

Now more than ever, companies need to quickly adjust brand and product strategies to keep up with rapidly evolving consumer behaviors. And, the best brand decisions will reflect a deep empathy and understanding of consumers' needs. That’s why more and more organizations are turning to online qual to keep a pulse on their customers. 

During this complimentary webinar, Digsite CEO Monika Wingate will discuss best practices for when and how to use online qualitative research. She will also discuss the unique challenges of conducting qualitative research during COVID-19, and give recommendations on do’s and dont's for doing research during the pandemic. 

Wingate will share a variety of methods including live video interviews, video questions and online communities. You’ll also hear several real-world examples of how companies have succeeded with online qualitative methods where they would have traditionally used in-person research. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • The impact your team can make by adopting online qualitative tools.
  • Which new technologies are improving online qualitative.
  • Best practices and tips for implementing online qual in today’s environment.
  • How to maximize both the speed and quality of online qualitative research. 

Monika Wingate, Digsite CEO and Co-Founder