Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be a highly-hyped technology, but in the world of social listening and analytics, it is poised to become the most powerful innovation the industry has seen over the last decade.  

AI, or more specifically machine learning, can learn from human input with enough proper training, can approximate human performance without explicit programming. As Dr. Philip Resnik, a Professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Maryland (and Converseon advisor) says: “computers simply don’t have the brains to handle some tasks, unless they borrow ours.”

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About Conversus.AI:

Conversus.AI is a game changer in social listening that puts YOU in control of your data quality. This Machine Learning-as-a-Service Platform is designed for data scientists and general analysts alike to put the immense power of machine learning to work on your social and voice-of-customer data, allowing for immediate deployment into many leading social listening, management and business intelligence platforms.

Choose your data source to build and deploy your own models quickly and efficiently or choose from growing library of prebuilt machine learning models by industry. Measure performance and validate the performance of your model all while avoiding inadvertent bias. The results: increased precision and relevancy of your data by more than 80 percent in most cases, separate meaningful signals from the noise, clean up messy data, lower your costs of data wrangling and effectively apply the data to a wider range of your organization’s needs – including brand health, consumer insights, audience analysis, predictive analytics, customer experience, customer care and much more. The platform is seamlessly integrated into most major social listening/management and business intelligence platforms.

About the Authors:

Converseon.AI provides the world’s best social and voice-of-customer data quality and programmatic insights through AI-powered technology, ecosystem partners and the deepest industry experience (est. 2001). We have been active in the machine learning/AI space since 2008. We don’t just do machine learning for text analytics – we “do it right” and give you the tools to do so too. Our team consists of recognized leaders in computational linguistics, market intelligence, social business and machine learning. We have worked with many of the companies ranked among the largest, most esteemed and sophisticated brands in the world, including those who are clear leaders in data and customer intelligence. We believe in an era where the collective voice of customers and citizens, empowered through social channels, will become a primary agent of transformation for governments, societies, industries, brands and products. There is arguably no greater obligation for our industry than to effectively, thoroughly and accurately capture, analyze, report and act on these needs, wants, experiences, hopes and opinions, without inadvertent discrimination or bias.