The 2021 market research salary and compensation survey is based on data gathered from an invite-only online survey sent to pre-qualified marketing research subscribers of Quirk’s.

The survey was fielded from June 10 to July 16, 2021. In total there were 2,173 respondents. We received 748 usable surveys from client-side researchers (corporate market research) and 1,001 usable surveys from provider-side researchers (market research company employees). An interval (margin of error) of 2.2 at the 95 percent confidence level was achieved. (Not all respondents answered all questions.)

If fewer than 10 responses were given to any job title, crosstabs have not been made available to help protect the identity of participants.

For additional survey results follow the link below:Market research salaries by job title

*Bonus was defined as bonus or commission for 2020 in US dollars.

*Dividends were defined as compensation in the form of dividends, stock options or profit sharing in US dollars for 2020.

*Other was defined as annual value of other compensation (company car, health club membership, mobile phone etc.) in US dollars.