Brand Loyalty, Where Are We Now? 

In today's environment, are consumers still brand loyal? The fourth wave of Provoke Insights' trends research determines which brand categories make long-lasting impressions on American shoppers. While shoppers remain loyal to big ticket purchases like autos, major appliances and airline tickets, they are open to switching to new brands in other consumer categories. 

The study analyzed consumers' attitudes, shopping behaviors and the impact of the pandemic. Provoke Insights developed 15 quick-to-read complimentary reports customized for specific industries. 

As most concerns regarding COVID have significantly decreased since 2021, more consumers are returning to in-person shopping. This has allowed consumers to sample new brands in categories such as furniture and apparel. This research provides benchmarks for brand loyalty and will be tracked in the next waves to see which brand categories solidified relationships with American shoppers. Download the reports most relevant to you. 

The research was conducted among 1,500 Americans in the Spring of 2022. 

Consumer Foresight: Beyond the Pandemic

For 2022, we have refocused our COVID tracking survey. The new report, “Consumer Foresight: Beyond the Pandemic,” will continue measuring consumer emotions and well-being, but will focus on one key topic per edition. Our report provides valuable insights, such as how consumers’ lives are being impacted, what behaviors are changing and why, and how people are feeling (physically and emotionally). The latest edition focuses on health and wellness, with highlights including: 

  • Overall concern about COVID-19 continues to decline, and pandemic-related stress and emotions are stable.
  • The top-rated, health-related attitudinal statements (by just under half of consumers) mostly pertain to mental, emotional, and spiritual health; optimism; and happiness. About 3 in 10 feel burned out or say the negativity of the world weighs on them.
  • Although 37% have never used telehealth services, more growth has been realized in telehealth or virtual care visits since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • 8 in 10 consumers say they are currently feeling the effects of inflation on their regular household spending. Food-related spending, including purchasing groceries and eating out, has already suffered the most cutbacks. Clothing expenses are also being trimmed. Many are also cutting back in a variety of ways related to driving or fuel. Discretionary expenses like entertainment and travel are also being cut as a result of inflation.

Previous reports are still available, with topics including Home Comfort and Financial Well-being. For more insights, download our free report: https://www.decisionanalyst.com/press/2020/covid19panelpulse/.

Research was collected in waves, from March 17, 2020 to March 30, 2022.

New Normal of Consumer Behavior: Permanent or Transient?

Listen to What the Folk Have to Say,
The one to please, and the one who pays, 
Give them the best, for it not, then you must rest 

With the COVID 19 pandemic disrupting the consumer relationship with the brands, Brand Xcel’s assessment report offers marketers’ the opportunity to reflect on the changed consumer behavior and its impact on brands in the post-pandemic era for making better-informed decisions.

Backed by extensive primary research, the report studied over 1000 brands and looked at the top 100 more closely, to derive insights after analyzing the opinion of over 8,750 respondents from the target Group, aged 18-55 years, and living in the top 25 Indian cities, including metro, Tier I and Tier II. For the report, Market Xcel reached across all four regions of the country and adopted a hybrid approach for data collection that included web-based interviews and in-person CAPI. The report includes contributions by business journalists, CXO level experienced professionals. 

Market Xcel developed a unique model to rank brands, study the top 100 brands into categories and measure their impact into 6 distinct segments. This helped depict population size, and provide unique insights to marketers, to better understand consumer goals and buying behavior. These were classified as POPULOUS MEGAPOLIS: brands with high impact and high brand population. TRANSFORMATIONAL MARKET includes brands with medium impact and medium brand population. OVERCROWDED MEGAPOLIS features brands with medium impact and a high brand population. CAPACIOUS MEGAPOLIS lists high impact and medium brand populations. EXPAND & ACCELERATE includes categories that need to increase their relevance.  

For further aspects and perspectives on consumer behavior, head to the report.

The Impact of Inflation on Grocery Purchases in SoCal

During consumer taste tests conducted in July 2022 at our Runyon Canyon PopUp CLT™ (Consumer Location Testing) site in Los Angeles, we asked this survey question about the impact of inflation on food and beverage purchases at the grocery store: Has inflation at the grocery store impacted the way you buy food and beverage products? 

KEY FINDING: 65% of consumers have not been significantly impacted by inflation on food and beverage prices at the grocery store.

Methodology and consumer testing location referenced can be found in the report: https://tastemakersresearch.com/trending-omnibus-survey-questions. 

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