Meet some of the companies, people and products that are driving the marketing research industry forward! They are the influencers in the industry, finding new ways to innovate and constantly pushing research and insights to be better and faster. 

In-person or mobile qual, quant and hybrid research

Caroline Roe, Director of Quantitative Research, Insights In Marketing

Insights In Marketing partners with people who manage brands and we listen to the people who buy them. Our quantitative guru, Caroline Roe, honed her superpowers connecting people to iconic global brands and now she empowers our clients to connect with more consumers. 

Calling Caroline curious is an understatement – and people love talking to her. She has the intuition to ask the right questions and dig deeper to connect the dots between data and people’s emotions. Using an innovative blend of qualitative and quantitative research, Caroline customizes solutions for each client and leads remote, online or in-person sessions. 

Whether it’s a quick-turn project or a long-term partnership, clients discover surprises about who their customers should be and what people love – or don’t love – about their brands, concepts, marketing and positioning. At the end of the day, Caroline’s clients feel confident and make the best decisions possible for their brands.

Ready to connect with your consumers? Let’s talk!


SMS and text-to-web surveys


It’s time to replace online panels with PrecisionSMS.

At any point in time, only 6% of the U.S. can be found on a non-probability panel. PrecisionSMS reaches 81%.

PrecisionSMS is the fast, affordable and targeted way to capture quality insights anywhere in the United States. If your study is national, statewide or regional, we will reach your desired audience. Our TCPA-compliant platform allows for survey invitations to be sent to non-opted-in respondents for text-to-web surveys, finally ending the “professional panelist” plague.

We’re able to ensure maximum deliverability, producing a 90% average invitation open rate. With a 48-hour field time, we can have surveys as long as 25 minutes completed, with final data and appended voter records in your hands.

Here’s seven key takeaways for why PrecisionSMS needs to be your data collection method of choice:

  1. PrecisionSMS is TCPA-compliant using proprietary peer-to-peer technology.
  2. PrecisionSMS delivers an untapped market with the potential of reaching 81% of the U.S. population versus only the 6% potential of an online panel.
  3. PrecisionSMS uses multiple sample methodologies including sample stratification. Our samples also include a propensity score (quality of phone number and matched at individual or household level). That is, we are only using the mobile phone numbers most likely to connect and respond.
  4. Clients can use their own sample and online survey.
  5. PrecisionSMS delivers responses even in populations as small as 20,000.
  6. PrecisionSMS can append voter records and other data sets to the data output.
  7. Due to the high response and contact rate, PrecisionSMS produces a more representative sample than an online sample.

Tired of not being able to reach target audiences? Looking to tap into untouched respondents for insights? PrecisionSMS will surprise you with all that it offers. Contact us at sales@PrecisionOpinion.com. 

Consumer intelligence specialist

Big Sofa Technologies

The value of video in research has moved beyond question and response – it is the new frontier for authentic behavioral data.Big Sofa has been on a journey during the last 12 months, building a pioneering video technology system that helps leading brands capture and understand authentic consumer behaviors and experiences. Brands are increasingly using Big Sofa to channel consumer lives – capturing behavior in the places and spaces it naturally occurs. Fusing together analytics, evidence and empathy, our video technology turns human stories into hard data to build better products and companies.


Quant/qual hybrid research technology


Are you prepared for the “new normal” of market research? Social distancing and stay-at-home orders created an increased and faster shift toward online research. Even after things go back to “normal,” the trend toward online research will continue. Jibunu’s proprietary tools enable you to conduct both online quant and qual projects – or a hybrid of the two – without needing to use multiple vendors. Some of Jibunu’s offerings include survey programming, online bulletin/discussion boards, video responses/journals, virtual shopping, image/concept markup, online collage building, secure content hosting, IDI screening/scheduling and custom tool development.

Your problems are not one-size-fits-all, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all product? Jibunu’s suite of market research tools and services are customizable, so you never have to say, “I wish we could do that.” If you’re looking to find or create a solution that checks all your boxes, contact Jibunu and together you’ll make pigs fly!


Consumer taste tests, product research and online surveys

TasteMakers Research Group

TasteMakers Research Group is a next-generation market research company founded in 2010 with the purpose of providing agile, authentic and data-driven consumer intelligence to clients. Our high-performance consumer product testing solutions are built for CPG innovators, strategic marketers and venture capitalists who demand fast, flexible and affordable results. Our proprietary PopUp CLT (consumer location testing) methodology achieves real-time quantitative results, with qualitative insights, at typically twice the speed and half the cost of current taste test and sensory field methods.

The new normal

Be assured that the PopUp CLT (consumer location testing) has been safeguarded to meet the challenges of this remarkable time. TasteMakers Research Group has invested in implementing the highest industry standards for the safety, health and wellness of our clients, participants and staff.

“Our cultivated consumer research techniques provide data-driven results that simultaneously capture real, raw and often unexpected insights.” – Andrea Poe, CEO, TasteMakers Research Group


Telephone and web-enabled IDIs and focus groups

Civicom Marketing Research Services

The pandemic has forced a global shift from in-person research to online solutions and trends. We at Civicom Marketing Research Services are committed to helping you tackle research challenges with our roster of web-enabled online solutions that are cost-effective and can be specifically tailored to your needs.

Online tools such as Civicom Chatterbox®, a robust online community platform; Civicom ThoughtLight®, a mobile insights app; and Civicom FrontRow, a mobile ethnography platform, make it possible for you to achieve meaningful qualitative insights through custom tools designed specifically for distance-based market research. 

Civicom CyberFacility® lets you conduct research worldwide without leaving your home. Civicom CCam Focus creates the opportunity for you to conduct live in-person research in facilities while practicing social distancing at the same time. 

Solutions such as Civicom’s Glide Central audio and video management software help you organize and curate deliverables, edit videos and transcripts and create spectacular storyboards. Civicom Marketing Research Services is here to help you make sense of the new normal.