Luth Research Logo Editor's note: This article was written by Luth Research in conjunction with Microsoft. 

Buying a home is the largest financial commitment most people will ever make. And mortgage lending is a critical component. The internet is the most likely source of information about mortgage lending — it’s convenient, always on, and information is deep and wide — allowing the consumer to learn as much as they want.

Adventures in Home Finance - Microsoft and Luth Research

But the most influential touch points in shaping consumer engagement remain murky. Mortgage marketers have the digital data and analytics regarding website traffic, SEO, and ad click through. But what is the behavioral relationship between search, visits and outcomes — like choosing a lender? Leveraging Luth Research’s patent-pending ZQ Intelligence™ behavioral data, we examined search, app and web activity to identify life moments that motivate consumers to consider and select a mortgage lender. 

This whitepaper is a 360-degree view of one woman moving through the stages of home buying, including shopping for homes, learning about and qualifying for a mortgage, and navigating the purchase. Over 64,000 online page views were analyzed for relevance regarding mortgage lender selection and home purchase, uncovering three important and distinct modes of behavior. Even if you are not in the mortgage space, the digital insights shared are valuable to learn as you will see what can be captured with digital behavior tracking.

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