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Find your brand’s aha moments.

aha insights technology is the most strategic and comprehensive activity-based qualitative/quantitative hybrid research platform in the ResTech marketplace. Architected by market researchers for market researchers, aha delivers the tools to quickly create and deploy custom consumer and B2B research studies so you can capture rich in-the-moment emotions and discover your brand’s most compelling aha moments.

Our mobile and video-friendly technology features asynchronous and live activities, such as Live Conversations™ for online focus groups and IDIs, TruRotation® concept testing, the projective Dynamic Canvas™, and social/collaborative tools to engage people where they live, work, shop and play.

Our comprehensive and flexible projective, social, live webcam video and mobile tools give you multiple options for designing digital ethnographies, concept testing, QuickSprints®, home use testing, CX journey mapping, and product usage diaries.

aha is also a licensing partner with QualtricsXM allowing you access to at-scale quant and hybrid studies.

The skilled and service-oriented aha team also provides study design, project management, recruiting, moderating, and consulting, plus hands-on training and tech support. You can do it yourself, or we can do it for you.

Newer features and updates include:

Powerful moderating tools
To help corporate and brand insight teams get to the breakthrough insights faster, we’ve added enhanced features to the platform’s Observe functionality, most notably the user-friendly and strategic data sorting and filters tools. Moderators can now go deeper with personal video probes and/or send images with a probe if desired – respondents are now able to reply to the probe with video or images, as well. And, while reviewing responses, moderators can now smoothly segue straight to the platform’s new Analytics Zone.

Analytics Zone
In the Analytics Zone, you will be able to access sophisticated word cloud options, automated custom quant charts, segment and demo data runs, composite collages, and perceptual maps to stir intellectual curiosity and create deeply insightful, visually compelling client reports.

Data Visualization Dashboard
The new eye-catching dashboard serves up visually engaging respondent contributions. This dynamic study-specific landing page builds intrigue and gives client viewers the option to click through to specific activities and related responses directly. It also includes a client/project team chat window where observations and insights can be easily shared. The dashboard auto-presents and rotates quant charts, collages, keyhole question responses, and other teasers to quickly stimulate client interest in the strategic discussion within the study. Our project managers help our clients set the most interesting data tapestry specific to their needs.

In the quest for even faster data delivery, our tech engineers upgraded the platform’s infrastructure to supercharge processing speed. From mass videos to bulk picture uploads – this has substantially accelerated the ability for you to filter through responses and access complicated multi-filter data queries instantly – no waits, no pauses. The net benefit is the ability for moderators to perform better analysis faster.

Let’s discover something amazing together!

Year Established:   2013

Number of Employees:   12

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235 E. Main St.
Northville, MI 48167
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Ray Fischer, CEO & Founder
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