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Chicago, IL

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Company Description

Brand Riffs is an intentionally small, qualitative marketing research consultancy that thinks BIG.  We deliver thoughtful design and richer insights for better business decisions.

How we do this

Each project is lead by a senior research strategist with 20+ years of experience to ensure our clients always get our ‘A Team’. 

We design thoughtful, custom research in response to each project’s objectives, whether that means creating a unique approach or optimizing conventional methods

Our mastery of qualitative techniques, savvy arsenal of tools, and best-practice field management enables us to intersect with customers at critical points in their experiences where true insights are discovered and the seeds of marketing strategy take root

We utilize in-person, virtual and online community-based methodologies that best suit the objectives and budget of each initiative

We challenge conventional wisdom to consider other possibilities yet remain firmly grounded in feasibility to reveal new opportunities for growth

We lead marketing teams through Ideation and Activation workshops to assist in socialization and activation of their research investments

We translate the voice of your customer into recommendations that fuel smarter business decisions

When we do this

Brand Riffs’ expertise encompasses virtually all checkpoints across the category, brand, and product or service development spectrum, including:

  • Exploratory foundational learning
  • Target customer deep-dives
  • Customer journeys, needs and JTBD assessments
  • User / shopper experience
  • Functional and emotional brand benefits assessments
  • Brand equity, purpose and imagery assessments
  • Concept / new product development and optimization
  • Concept / product fit
  • Positioning distinction development and optimization
  • Messaging and communications development and optimization
  • Portfolio architecture development and optimization
  • Packaging design development and optimization
  • Product renovation
  • Ideation and Activation workshops

Why we do this

When our clients succeed, we succeed!   Brand Riffs’ clients spend less time managing research, have more confidence that insights will have business impact, and feel a sense of pride when socializing more strategic and captivating qualitative research deliverables.

We get you.  With over 15 years leading Insights on the client side, we understand the reality of the Insights professional.  We’re here to help.  We’ve been there, done that.  Heck, we even designed the t-shirt. 

Let’s do this!

We’d make a good team.  Like you, we are intensely curious, enjoy solving marketing puzzles and love what we do!  Contact us.  It would be an honor to discuss your next project.

Year Established:   2004

Number of Employees:   6

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503 S. Evergreen Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Brad Martin, Chief Insights Officer
  • 847-894-5578
  • 847-894-5576
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Affiliations & Certifications
MRII | Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) (United States)