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Certus Insights

Washington, DC

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Company Description

Certus Insights provides actionable insights through surveys, focus groups, and social listening to help clients understand audiences, explore market opportunities, address reputational challenges, and build effective communications campaigns.

Applied Research to Meet Complex Challenges

We provided our clients with deep insights into:

  • Target audience profiling
  • Issue awareness
  • Message development and testing
  • Reputation analysis
  • White-space opportunities
  • Thought leadership
  • Influencers and decision-makers
  • Member, donor, and employee engagement

We’re industry leaders in counseling clients on making informed, data-driven decisions at both the strategic and tactical levels. We carefully analyze research results, develop action-oriented insights, and empower clients to build winning communication, advocacy, public affairs, public relations, and marketing campaigns.

Ron Faucheux, a nationally respected public opinion analyst and nonpartisan expert, brings his extensive experience as our chief analyst.

An Independent Firm that Works with Organizations Big and Small

We are an independent firm that provides customized, hands-on attention and consulting. We have worked with major brands and organizations to solve complex communication challenges.

Our roster of well-satisfied clients include:  

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • The Alzheimer's Association `
  • The American Psychiatric Association
  • Forbes Tate Partners
  • International Finance Corporate (IFC)
  • Publicis Groupe
  • Qorvis Communications
  • The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Cutting Edge, Custom Research

Our key differentiator is innovation grounded in methodological rigor and analytical depth. We deploy cutting-edge research methodologies to ensure cost-effective and accurate results, including mixed-mode surveys, asynchronous focus groups, and social listening analysis based on machine learning.

Full Service

We seamlessly manage all stages of research projects for our clients, allowing them to focus on the bigger picture.

We manage all aspects of a client's research project:

  • Project scoping and audience targeting
  • Questionnaire and discussion guide development
  • Programming and fielding D
  • Data analysis
  • Report development
  • Consultation on the result

Expertise in Stakeholder and Elite Audiences 

We are the industry leaders in recruiting hard-to-reach elite audiences through our established network of respondent databases, careful screening of respondents, and cutting-edge recruiting techniques.

We specialize in engaging a variety of elite audiences, including:

  • DC elites (policy, defense, health policy, cybersecurity, etc.)
  • Business elites (business and purchase decision makers, industry executives)
  • Health/medical elites (healthcare professionals, hospital and healthcare decision-makers)
  • Opinion makers (civic opinion elites, local policy elites, household purchase decision makers)

Develop a go-to-market communications strategy that maximizes campaign effectiveness to convince and persuade influencers on issues small and large.

Powerful Message Development

Know the precise words, phrases, and arguments to control the conversation through our message development surveys and focus groups.

Certus Insights deploys a comprehensive, multi-modal research process for developing actionable key messages that integrate multiple data sources to provide an empirical basis for finding the right messages to use in a communications campaign.

Our message development process allows clients to:

  • Frame their strengths
  • Inoculate against weaknesses
  • Answer questions and attacks
  • Create continuity
  • Target specific audiences

Precise Reputation Measurement and Tracking

Certus Insights provides a comprehensive reputation assessment solution that measures a client’s key brand attributes across four analytical tiers of up to 22 individual factors. We provide an overall reputation score and sub-index scores for each individual factor, allowing clients to pinpoint strengths and current weaknesses.

Our reputation assessments are:

  • Targetable to specific markets and audiences
  • Multi-dimensional to provide a comprehensive assessment
  • Multi-modal to utilize multiple data sources
  • Trackable, allowing for trends to be measured over time
  • Actionable with specific strategic and tactical information

Strategic Social Listening and Media Analytics 

Our media analytic reports provide actionable intelligence on the social and news media landscape by reviewing news media, blogs, and social media through full data stream capture and sampling of publicly available media data to identify conversation trends, key topics, and strategic imperatives.

We provide insight into the current media landscape around an issue, industry, brand, or individual, allowing clients to identify white space opportunities, key thought leaders, and other significant media insights.

Year Established:   2019

Number of Employees:   5

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3610 14th St. N
ATTN: Certus Insights
Arlington, VA 22201
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Andrew Rugg, President
  • 703-349-0466
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