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Providence, RI

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Company Description

On the ground research that reaches people who would never join a focus group. True life, real world insights.

Our ethnographic research methodology discovers what people really think, outside of focus groups and other controlled environments. We talk to people where they live, work and play, often recruiting people on the spot, which results in authentic conversations with people who would never respond to other research methods. The result is true life, real-world insights.

Our diverse team has decades of experience engaging people in communities around the country. We are highly trained, great at striking up genuine rapport, and passionate about hearing people’s unfiltered thoughts. Most of our interviews are video recorded so you can meet your audience and hear their views unfiltered.

Some of the world’s leading organizations have entrusted us with their research. We are known for our ability to reach the most challenging audiences to discuss the most difficult topics. We go anywhere, engage anyone, and discuss anything.

For example, an environmental organization had what they thought was an easy ask: How can we convince farmers to use 10% less of toxic weed killers? It turns out that farmers already do everything they can to minimize the amount of weed killers they use – because of the high cost of this product. Calls to “use less” won’t work, but many are very open to going fully organic—a pleasant surprise for our client.

In another example, conventional wisdom was that Appalachians are blindly loyal to coal, but our research finds that isn’t true. People in the region are economically pragmatic and open-minded about new development and industries that will bring in the money and resources to make life sustainable there.

Even on a topic as sensitive and controversial as sex work, we were able to engage people in multiple regions, across demographic groups, in deeply thoughtful conversations on the topic.

We go anywhere, engage anyone, and discuss anything. And most of our conversations are video recorded so you can “meet your audience.”

Year Established:   2000

Number of Employees:   2-10

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1865 Broad St.
Providence, RI 02905
United States
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Axel Aubrun, Co-founder
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