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Company Description

Today, having a research partner with deep experience in cultural insights is a must. Horowitz is not just a great multicultural research company, we are a great research company for a multicultural world. We have been a thought leader in the multicultural space for more than 30 years, delivering cutting-edge cultural insights and research among Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ+, Gen Z, Gen Alpha, people with disabilities and other diverse consumers.

Our clients turn to us for custom and syndicated research on how to reach, resonate with, and grow their businesses among multicultural and diverse segments, gain cultural insights into diverse communities and cultures, and be more prepared for America’s multicultural majority.

We have a diverse, multicultural and multilingual staff of qualitative and quantitative researchers and a robust toolbox of traditional and innovative research approaches including focus groups, dyads, triads, IDIs (online and in-person), online insights communities and qual boards, in-person and mobile ethnography and survey research and segmentation. Now, thanks to our recent acquisition by M/A/R/C Research, we have expanded capabilities with a full team of data scientists for advanced statistical and forecasting work, as well as Accelerated Solutions to turn around high-quality research at a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of custom research.

Our expertise lies at the nexus of the three biggest trends impacting businesses today: Shifts in demographics, the cultural and socio-political shifts that we are experiencing both nationally and internationally, and shifts in media and technology that are forever changing how brands connect with people, and how we as researchers can connect with and learn from our research subjects.

We conduct multicultural research for clients across a range of industries including TV and film, radio, music, telecommunications, technology, gaming, CPG, beauty/personal care, automotive, retail, grocery, financial services/fintech, travel and hospitality, toys/dolls/kids, publishing, public media, and not-for-profits, among others.

We also work with our clients to support their corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. There is no doubt that to succeed in an increasingly diverse America, corporate America needs a more diverse workforce. Making smart decisions about how to best serve America’s Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, and other communities requires having those communities represented in your C-suite, in management, and on your front lines.

We have been conducting research on DE&I since the late 1990’s, helping companies do better when it comes to ensuring all their employees, regardless of their race/ethnicity, gender identities, sexualities, and/or disabilities feel equally supported and developed.

As outside cultural researchers and observers, we see what you might not about your workplace. We become the voice of your internal constituencies, training our expert eye on your corporate culture to identify how and where some communities are disenfranchised while others are privileged. Our research can help you meet your DE&I mandates while also preparing your business to meet the needs of Multicultural America.

What We Study: Research Areas

  • A&U Consumer Segmentation Studies
  • Studies to Inform Branding, Positioning and Marketing
  • Market Potential, Pricing and Packaging Studies
  • Product Development Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction and NPS Research
  • Shopper Journey / Path-to-Purchase Research
  • Pre-post Campaign Effectiveness Studies
  • App and Website UX and IU
  • Program Testing and Content Assessments
  • Studies to Understand Consumers and their Digital Ecosystems
  • Culture Checks / Messaging and Creative Testing Research
  • Research to Support Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Year Established:   1985

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