Brands and companies find constant benefit in better understanding markets and consumers using quality data. However, accessing that data and ensuring quality isn’t always

straightforward. Companies that offer marketing research tools can provide a valuable framework for executing research that provides actionable results, from initial insight to final analysis.

These companies offer a range of marketing research tools and solutions to maximize insights, whether you’re conducting research online or in person. From consumer to B2B and from health care to finance, the following companies can help provide the right tools to gain insights that matter.

Founded 2000 | 50 employees

Carol Fitzgerald, President and CEO

Buzzback just celebrated its 20th year, realizing a vision for changing how consumers interact with marketers online and focusing on making the research experience fun, engaging and intuitive. Buzzback has helped hundreds of brands worldwide better connect with consumers, break through marketing challenges and grasp new opportunities. Major consumer, pharmaceutical and financial services companies innovate using buzzback’s intuitive image-driven and language-rich approach. Our focus is helping clients understand their market landscape through profiling their targets and developing better concepts (where concepts include ideas, messaging and advertising). We mine well beyond surface insights to identify what’s driving behavior and emotions more effectively and quickly, often collapsing steps in the process.

Phone 1-646-519-8010, 44-(0)208-8891-9930www.buzzback.com

Founded 2000 | 500+ worldwide employees

Rebecca West, Global President, Research Services Group

Civicom® Marketing Research Services is the global leader in facilitating web IDIs and focus groups worldwide. Our suite of services also includes CCam™ focus, a port...