From blogs discussing workplace negotiations, to magazine and e-newsletter articles covering consumer empathy, health care research, innovation and more, we’ve been on the receiving end of so many quality submissions that we were proud to publish in 2021. 

Below, you will find a selection of our editors’ favorite articles from the last year. It was a challenge to narrow our lists down to just these few! 

(listed in no particular order) 

From the Mad Men era to today’s creative zeitgeist, the advertising industry has experienced quite the transformation. The industry, the work it produces and its clients are frequently studied and discussed. Industry and cultural changes have also impacted ad executives and companies benefit from studying their employees just as closely. Delivering on employees’ wants and needs will help attract top talent, increase satisfaction, lead to better work, reduce turnover and have a positive impact on the bottom line. Read more.

As a marketing researcher, one has a variety of business experiences. In fact, a nice feature of the profession is that one is exposed to many different industries and many different business issues over time. Having been both client-side and vendor/supplier-side in the course of a career, I’ve seen clear patterns emerge. Marketing researchers are trained to seek patterns. Read more.

It’s easy to become myopic in the world of business. Reducing customers to statistics and always eyeing KPIs is only natural; success lies in the numbers. Yet the more insular an organization gets, the more divorced it can be from the everyday reality of consumers lives – the thoughts and aspirations they hold, and the motivational factors that drive their spending habits. Read more.

The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color has exposed and highlighted inequities as well as accelerated the decline of BIPOC trust, especially in he...