Advertising is a great way to send a specialized message to a large group of consumers. But how do you know how effective those messages are? Companies that specialize in advertising research have the tools and methods to give insight into the effectiveness of your advertising. They can also help you decide the right advertising methods and mediums to use – including print, digital, television and radio – so you reach your customers on their preferred platforms. These companies can help you target the right consumers and uncover their needs, desires and motivations so you can tailor your advertising for optimal success. They can also help give insight on competitors’  advertising so you can stay up-to-speed with your competition. For insight into your advertising, consider these specialized research companies.

Athena Brand Wisdom

Founded 2009 | 15 employees

Sarah Jane Johnson and Jeff Hecker, Principals

The best creative development research helps manage risk while also identifying opportunities to make good ideas even better. We can help your brand achieve both goals. At Athena Brand Wisdom, we tap into the latest thinking about how consumers interact with brand communications, exploring both System 1 and System 2 thinking (the emotional and rational sides of consumer decision-making). We are full-service brand communications specialists offering agile qualitative, online and quantitative approaches including WiseQueryAI, our qual-quant testing approach powered by artificial intelligence. We also offer cultural fit assessments that help you understand how ideas may work differently in different markets. We provide attentive, senior-level service and a cute owl. Get in touch today for a no-nonsense conversation about what your advertising needs to achieve and how to get there.

Phone 416-569-5426

Blueberry Marketing and Sensory Research

Founded 2001 | 30 employees

Kristen Robeson and Lisa McGurk, Directors

A full-service market research consultancy, Blueberry combines expertise in marketing research, product research and sensory science. With 15+ years of experience and thousands of projects, we excel at efficiently executing package and advertising testing to deliver clear, actionable insights in as little as three or four weeks. With a portfolio of quantitative, qualitative, sensory and proprietary techniques, we partner with CPG companies, ad agencies and branding consultancies to navigate the consumer landscape and create engaging brand experiences. Our work includes: copy/creative testing; package testing; print ads; effectiveness tracking; awareness and usage testing; and shelf tests. Let’s talk.

Phone 267-954-0440

Creative Consumer Research

Founded 1976 | 16 full-time; 60 part-time (76) employees

Patricia Pratt, CEO

In 40 years, CCR has developed the expertise, knowledge and specific experience to conduct primary market research in the health care industry. Our partnership approach includes planning sessions, project design, project management, survey design, programming and qualitative or quantitative sessions. CCR is proficient in addressing customer satisfaction, branding awareness and usage and employee satisfaction studies.

Phone 281-240-9646

Decision Analyst

Founded 1978 | 150 employees

Jerry W. Thomas, CEO

Decision Analyst is a recognized leader in advertising and communications testing. Its professionals have evaluated thousands of commercials and ads for foods, beverages, restaurants, packaged goods, travel, retail and technology for more than 40 years. Decision Analyst is a leader in developing analytical techniques and mathematical models to enhance the learning from advertising research. Our suite of industry-leading, systems include: CopyScreen®, a system to screen 10 to 20 early-stage advertising concepts in print format; CopyCheck®, a system to provide diagnostic feedback for early-stage print, radio and TV animatics; and CopyTest®, a comprehensive advertising pretesting system for TV, online, print and radio.

Phone 817-640-6166

Dynata (formerly Research Now SSI)

Founded 1977

Gary Laben, CEO

Dynata is one of the world’s leading providers of first-party data contributed by consumers and business professionals. With a reach that encompasses 60+ million people globally and an extensive library of individual profile attributes collected through surveys, Dynata is the cornerstone for precise, trustworthy quality data. The company has built innovative data services and solutions around its core first-party data offering to bring the voice of the customer to the entire marketing spectrum, from market research to marketing and advertising. Dynata serves nearly 6,000 market research agencies, media and advertising agencies, consulting and investment firms and health care and corporate customers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information, go to www.dynata.com.

Erdos & Morgan

Founded 1947 | 25 employees

David March, Chief Revenue Officer

For over 70 years, Erdos & Morgan has studied the nuances of the media market and how thought leaders in advertising, public policy, business-to-business and finance navigate it. Using a comprehensive range of custom market research approaches, including advertising and communications testing, Erdos & Morgan helps clients understand historically difficult audiences. Erdos & Morgan’s Opinion Leaders and Financial Advisor studies are the gold standards for measuring media usage among public and private sector key opinion leaders and financial advisors. Our experienced team of researchers provides personal attention to each project and ensures it is conducted in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Phone 201-236-0469


Founded 2000 | 73 employees

Beth Broughton, President, Firefish USA

Billy Holland, Vice President, Firefish USA

Martyn Hill, Business Development Director, Firefish

We are human strategy partners, making sense of real life and putting it at the heart of decision-making to help brands innovate, communicate and grow. We believe that it is only by asking new questions and looking at things in new ways can breakthrough insight and strategy be delivered. When it comes to advertising research, we are the only agency who forensically pulls apart insight, strategy, idea and execution and gives you a holistic understanding of each and a way forward rooted in all of them. From global creative platforms to Super Bowl commercials, we have done it all.

Phone 718-855-4206

The Forte Research Group

Founded 2010 | 35 employees

Elizabeth Plotkin, VP Insights

Forte Research Group is a marketing research intelligence firm with deep expertise in evaluating all forms of advertising and brand communications to achieve long-term brand growth. To identify consumer passion points, agile methodologies capture responses at the point of brand interaction in context. Real-time, fully mobile eye-tracking, biometrics and facial coding work together seamlessly (in conjunction with direct questioning), uncovering visceral insights, which consumers cannot or will not articulate. Capabilities encompass individual ads, campaigns, packaging and point-of-sale for all stages of the creative development process. Across all marketing and media channels, we aid advertisers in making an impact.

Phone 917-470-9703

Frieden Qualitative Services

Founded 1984

Gary Frieden, CEO

Why does one advertising campaign succeed over another? Why doesn’t a particular execution convey your message? How can it be improved? How can your audience better relate? Frieden Qualitative Services goes after these questions (and more) and gets you the answers! Frieden Qualitative Services knows advertising. Gary Frieden, Ph.D., has been conducting superlative advertising research for over two decades. After speaking about his special techniques at NYC’s Advertising Research Foundation conference, Gary heard that he “woke up the convention!” Frieden conducts qualitative marketing research – focus groups (both in-person as well as via Internet) and IDIs – with his own special mark. He is dynamic in scope. His combination of psychology and marketing research gives you those nuggets you’re seeking. His methods are incisive, thereby producing the underlying motivational responses you need.

Phone 818-789-6894

Fuel Cycle

Founded 2009 | 75 employees

Eran Gilad, CEO

Fuel Cycle is the leading market research cloud that combines both qualitative and quantitative data to power real-time business decisions. Through online communities, product exchanges, panels and more, Fuel Cycle offers the only all-in-one market research platform for brands to connect to their customers. With Fuel Cycle, organizations can quickly act upon reliable data to help predict the future of their industry and stay one step ahead of the competition. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Fuel Cycle powers the world’s most customer-centric brands including Google, Hulu, Church & Dwight, AIG and more. Its partners include Salesforce, Marketo, SurveyGizmo, Voxpopme and many others across the MR ecosystem.


GCA Consulting

Founded 1994 | 6 employees

Guy C. Antonioli, CEO

GCA Consulting is a total market qualitative research and strategic planning firm specializing in advertising research. We uncover insights for concept development, evaluate positionings and test advertising concepts. Expertise developed over 40+ years working on many different product and service categories in the USA, the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America. Guy worked in corporate marketing and international advertising positions before founding specialized research firm. Clients find our bilingual and bicultural capabilities in the Focus Latino division most productive plus time and cost efficient when doing general market and Hispanic research. Our Forever Young! division services the Baby Boomer market. We provide complete turnkey or a la carte research services.

Office: 512-306-7393; Mobile: 512-657-5129

Insight Rabbit, a Subsidiary of MSW Research

Founded 2018 | 200+ employees

RJ Scott, Director

Art Klein, Partner, Co-President

Insight Rabbit gives clients access to best-in-class research methodologies in a simple and intuitive DIY interface, delivering actionable insights that power brand growth. Uncover brand and category insights, screen concepts, evaluate and optimize advertising, track advertising performance and measure brand equity. Easily program a survey in a few minutes and have results in 24 hours or less with a pricing model that’s affordable and dashboard deliverables that exceed expectations. We look forward to changing the way researchers think about DIY. Insight Rabbit is powered by MSW Research, backed by 50 years of experience, normative data and the most trusted, accurate and independently validated methodologies available. Our Customer Commitment Persuasion measure is proven to be more accurate at predicting sales than any other commonly used metric of brand strength and twice as effective as standard purchase interest questions.

Phone 516-394-6092

Ironwood Insights Group LLC

Founded 2017 | 10 employees + call center

Brad Larson, Founder/CEO

Ironwood Insights Group leads the market research industry by offering a seamless integration of all research methodologies into one point of service. Our team provides strategically designed research plans to help our clients achieve their goals. We assist ad agencies and marketers with multimodal research that can include max-diff, conjoint, discrete choice and other trade-off exercises to accurately measure the effectiveness of individual ads, campaigns and changes in brand strength/image. Our qualitative methodologies include traditional and online focus groups, bulletin boards and in-depth interviews. Quantitative services include consultation, questionnaire design, sample sourcing, survey fielding, data processing, data analysis and reporting. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies enhance one another as a combined solution or can be provided as stand-alone services. Call or e-mail today for “Insights that provide clarity and drive action.”

Phone 602-831-1973

E-mail info@ironwoodinsights.com

Just The Facts Inc.

Founded 1994

Bruce Tincknell, Managing Director/CEO

Do you know if your advertising is really working? JTF’s unbiased research optimizes ad campaigns. As expensive as marketing investments are, JTF estimates over 50 percent of all ad dollars are wasted and found ineffective. JTF uses innovative methods to measure advertising effectiveness in a wide range of areas, including persuasiveness, intrusiveness, uniqueness, attention-getting and brand recall. Effective research addresses brand positioning, messaging and imagery, attitude and usage studies, concept development, concept/idea testing, copy testing, pre/post campaign testing, test marketing, name development and testing, packaging testing. Types of stimuli tested include storyboards, videos, commercials, radio, newspaper, direct mail, online, mobile content and billboards. Contact JTF to effectively evaluate your advertising investment today!

Phone 847-506-0033

Market Probe International

Founded 1967 | 10 employees

Alan Appelbaum, CEO

Celebrating 50+ years of service to the marketing research industry, Market Probe International is your global partner for reliable market research data, data gathering and analytical services. We have experience with all forms of advertisement research. Our offerings include both qualitative and quantitative research, utilizing traditional as well as cutting-edge methodologies including traditional surveys, in-depth interviews, online bulletin boards, creative workshops, hybrid studies, eye-tracking, neuro market research and facial coding. Based in NYC, we have an established network of top-flight domestic and global research partners around the world, enabling us to provide high-quality global research solutions.

Phone 212-725-7676

MerkadoTeknia Research and Consulting LLC

Founded 2011 | 5 employees

Norma A. Mendoza Ph.D., CEO

MerkadoTeknia Research and Consulting empowers clients by providing nationwide recruitment and consulting services on the Hispanic consumer. We manage qualitative and quantitative research projects from start to finish. From advising clients on the best methodologies to crafting strategic insights reports, we provide a one-stop solution for your research needs. We seek to discover unique insights based on our deep understanding of the psychology of the Hispanic consumer. We are driven to efficiently and effectively manage our clients’ projects, delivering the highest quality of work. And we are committed to empowering our clients with culturally relevant knowledge that leads to desired results.

Phone number 915-317-9264

MSW Research

Founded 1968 | 200+ employees

Art Klein, Partner, Co-President

Impacting Business Performance for over 50 years. Our research solutions are designed to evaluate and optimize campaigns comprising any combination of touchpoints and we work from strategy development to all stages of creative development to in-market tracking. Our behaviorally-based products are proven through independent audits to help marketers meet and exceed their business objectives. MSW Research has developed empirical evidence of how communications work that can accurately connect short-term sales and long-term brand development to the performance of the individual and collective touchpoints in the customer journey. Our process is embodied in a suite of products that guides our clients and covers consumer, brand, advertising and tracking. We do this with a full array of world-class solutions including proprietary survey techniques, facial coding, eye-tracking, neuro measurement and media planning and forecasting.

Phone 516-394-6000

Phoenix Marketing International

Founded 1999 | 400 employees

Allen R. DeCotiis, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Phoenix MI is one of the largest global marketing services firm with a major specialization in the ad and brand performance measurement space. Phoenix MI’s recently launched AdPi Quickview provides actionable, real-time ad diagnostics, born out of 15 years of predictive creative DNA testing to unlock high-performance ads. Compare your ads to those of your competitors and explore the drivers behind your ad’s performance, all within 24 hours of the ad breaking and all at the tip at your fingers. With extensive research and consulting experience across media, automotive, tech/telco, financial services and CPG, Phoenix helps clients improve their brand and communications, create and refine the products and services that they deliver and optimize the customer experience driven by those commitments.

Phone 917-743-5775

Provoke Insights

Founded 2014 | 8 employees

Carly Fink, Principal, Head of Stategy and Research

Provoke Insights is a full-service market research firm that specializes in branding, advertising and content marketing research initiatives. We do not conduct research that sits idle on a shelf; we create strategic plans tailored to your objectives and needs. As a team of market research experts and brand strategists, we’ll ensure that questions are deeply explored and actionable insights are delivered – insights that you can capitalize on. Our agency works with Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley clients and has Madison Avenue experience. Current, creative, and agile – we enjoy creating impactful solutions that deliver value for today and the future.

Phone 212-653-8819

Rabin Research Company

Founded 1963

Michelle Elster, President 

International and domestic B2C and B2B marketing research services for a variety of industries: health care/pharmaceuticals, packaged goods, food, financial services, insurance, entertainment, new technologies and many more. Service principles: high-quality work, on-time delivery, creative study designs, strategic insights, competitive prices, exceeding expectations. Study types: advertising research, concepts, segmentation, product use/sensory, names, packages, product design, customer satisfaction, awareness/attitude/usage, tracking, pricing, problem detection, promotions, positionings, promises. Data collection techniques: online/mobile, telephone, central locations, mail and in-person. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Phone 312-527-5009

ULTA Research Services LLC

Founded 2014

ULTA Research Services is a national market research company that focuses on recruiting respondents for market research purposes. With over 50+ years of combined project and recruit management experience, we span the recruiting spectrum from B2B, product testing, executive, medical and mock jury trials. Additionally, we can easily accommodate individual market researchers as well as large market research firms. We have a robust in-house database and can also recruit from client lists as well as sample lists. Our expertise lies in working closely with our customers to ensure their project is successful from start to finish. Quite simply, we do not stop recruiting until we know we have brought the right people together and our client is 100 percent satisfied with the results.

Phone 312-878-8801

xsperient | Segmedica

Founded 2004 | 24 employees

Peter Simpson, CEO

xsperient | Segmedica delivers full-service global health, wellness and lifestyle custom market research and consulting, using advanced techniques in qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic studies with HCPs, payers and patients/consumers. Serving pharma, devices, providers, payers, food and beverage, food service, hospitality and retail. A leader in psychology, anthropology, sociology, neuroscience and linguistics, working with us achieves the highest quality market research. Our message testing methodology follows the way the brain absorbs information and provides science-based results which are deeper and more actionable than standard approaches. Contact us for an online or in-person demo.

Phone 716-799-8223

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