Understanding CX and UX can be complex but they are critical to improving how your audience interacts with your products, services and brand. There are many ways to measure and gauge CX and UX making it important to find a company that is equipped to handle all your research needs.

Companies that specialize in customer and user experience can offer a range of tools and methodologies including surveys, eye-tracking, biometrics and other technology-based techniques. Whether you need help with user experience, customer experience or both, these companies have the methods and resources to help.

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Founded 2011

Hunter Thurman, CEO

Hunter Thurman CEO of Alpha-Diver.Alpha-Diver is your brand effectiveness and growth advantage partner. Enable your teams to trigger consumer and shopper purchase decisions using proven scientific methods. Our team of PhD researchers have decoded the WHYs behind judgement and decision-making with a track record of fueling double-digit growth for brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Hershey. Common applications for our research: category leadership and shopper activation: What are the decision-maps shoppers follow and how can we pinpoint the ways to drive purchase decisions for your brands? Innovation and brand strategy: What’s scarce in the category and portfolio in the hearts and minds of consumers? Corporate strategy and acquisition: What acquisitions are most additive to the portfolio and poised for growth?

E-mail hello@alpha-diver.com
Phone 1-513-891-3000

B2B International A Merkle Company Logo.

B2B International

Founded 1998 | 200 employees

Julia Doheny, President, North America

The B2B Marketing Research Company.

B2B International is a leading business-to-business market research consultancy that provides customized B2B market research studies to clients around the world. Our research has empowered 1,000+ B2B brands, including half of the world’s largest 100. Our specialist CX research provides clients with a deep understanding of the personas they serve, the path to purchase and what ultimately drives satisfaction and loyalty. B2B International is also the home of the B2B Superpowers Index, the world’s largest tracker of B2B buyer expectations of its kind. Get in touch to schedule an introductory call with one of our experts.

Phone (U.S.) 1-914-761-1909

Bellomy Market Intelligence.


Founded 1976

John Sessions, CEO

Bellamy strategic research consulting and activation combined with AI-fueled analytics and insights technology.Bellomy works with customer insights and UX research teams to understand, analyze and improve their omnichannel customer experiences. From competitive audits, research design and participant recruitment to in-depth/UX interviews, AI-driven analysis and informed recommendations, we help clients determine customers’ needs while identifying critical touchpoints in the omnichannel journey. Our research panels offer an ongoing approach to staying in tune with customer preferences while our journey-based customer segmentation helps improve targeting and prioritization. Bellomy is committed to amplifying market research strategies through a combination of strategic consultation, industry-leading insights technology and decades of experience across industries. To get started with our CX/UX experts or AI analytics offerings, please reach out to Patrick O’Sullivan at patrick.osullivan@bellomy.com.

Phone 1-800-443-7344

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Founded 1980 | 400 employees

Steve Raebel, President

Fieldwork office space.Let us support you! We know what you need. Our specialties include CX/UX, taste tests and sensory research, medical, B2B, mock jury, consumer and global research. For over 40 years Fieldwork has recruited the highest-quality business, medical and consumer respondents both through and far beyond databases using proven methods to reach your audience. We believe in a customized approach to recruitment. Fieldwork provides unsurpassed project management and our commitment to hospitality and solutions-driven partnership is at the core of everything we do. When you choose Fieldwork, rest assured that customer service will seamlessly blend into the background while we handle the details and create the perfect environment for your next research project. Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest!

Phone 1-800-863-4353

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Founded 2021 | 13 employees 

Neil Dixit, Founder and CEO

Neil Dixit, Founder and CEO of Glimpse.Glimpse is a global, self-service, generative AI-powered research platform that focuses on language, emotion and sentiment, sorted and analyzed in real-time and over time, providing actionable insights and content for product designers, UX researchers, marketers, communicators and creators. Easily gather and understand responses to up to 15 open or closed-ended questions with thousands of responses in hours. Use industry-leading gen AI to create topics and summaries, craft key messaging (tailored to particular segments) and generate personas. CX and UX researchers can rapidly uncover the emotion, sentiment and awareness underlying purchasing and usage decisions – right at the intersection of quantitative and qualitative research. Use Glimpse to understand your customer base AND compare their attitudes with those of prospects and growth audiences. With extensive experience applying generative AI to client challenges at world-class organizations, from Hubspot to Honda, Ogilvy to Diageo.  

Phone 1-813-748-8882

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The Martec Group

Founded 1984 | 75 employees

Emily Bielak, Director

Emily Bielak is the director of The Martech Group.The Martec Group specializes in solving difficult problems. Our tenacious approach ensures that clients receive a deeper understanding of their customers. Martec has developed a suite of emotion intelligence techniques, including the Martec Emotion Score™, that takes CX/UX research deeper. These tools build upon the peak-end theory framework developed by Daniel Kahneman, quantifying and mapping emotions at each stage of the customer journey. Pinpointing the positive and negative emotional experiences helps us design customer experiences where positive emotions outweigh negative. We work with clients to customize each project to suit their needs, maintaining a consultative approach to each client relationship.

Phone 1-248-327-8000

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Founded 2017 | 20+ employees

Jim Whaley, CEO

OvationMR It's a great day for discovering why.It’s a great day for discovering why…we believe in expanding opportunities for researchers to do the work you believe in and can stand behind, for your company, your community and your cause. You get fast, reliable answers for insightful decisions with OvationMR. Significantly improve your online research success with dependable survey data from B2B and consumer audiences. OvationMR services cover sampling, programming and hosting, translations and design and analysis for brand tracking studies, market segmentations, conjoint analysis, awareness and usage studies, customer experience, concept testing and political polling. Our clients include research practitioners, consultants, governments, NGOs and global brands. We offer survey audience sampling and supporting research services globally. Contact us today at: info@ovationmr.com.

Phone 1-212-653-8750

Sago logo.Sago

Founded 1966 | 1,400 employees

Laura Craig, SVP, Product Innovation

Laura Craig, SVP, Product Innovation at Sago.Unlock the potential of digital qualitative and elevate your CX and UX research with QualBoard, Sago’s innovative digital qualitative platform. QualBoard offers flexible and robust features for moderators, improving participant engagement and response rates for deeper insights. Seamlessly combine event and question types to unlock differentiated insights and leverage AI-enabled tools for advanced analysis. With its user-friendly interface, global participant access, and round-the-clock expert support, QualBoard empowers you to deliver actionable insights efficiently. Schedule a consultation today.  

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Phone 1-732-906-1122