EVP, Insights, Analytics & Data Strategy, National Geographic Partners 

The most rewarding aspect is being able to stay with a company through intense change. The media landscape has changed drastically since I began in early 2000. I still had a VCR when I started with National Geographic. Being able to stay with National Geographic has allowed me to help build a strategy, manage through change and use my knowledge of the business and the brand to help it navigate through all of the change. 

Being grounded in the company, building relationships across all parts of the business and having a deep understanding of what makes us successful has been vital to helping National Geographic over the years. While I’ve been here for nearly 20 years, I felt like I’ve worked for five different companies in that same time frame – with more to come as the pace of change is only accelerating. It’s so rewarding to be a part of a brand you love, working in a field that you love while managing through the most change the media landscape has ever seen. I couldn’t have asked for anything more challenging or more rewarding.

Know your business. The amount of people I speak to that don’t know the business they are supposed to be providing insights to is rather astounding. You have to understand the business as a consumer would see it – and as a consumer interacts with it – so that you as an insights leader are able to represent your consumers internally. Your team and others at your company expect you to have strong business acumen about your industry, your company, your competitors – so be a passionate student and infuse that passion with your team. Positive, enthusiastic passion is contagious and creates an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity that good insight professionals crave.

When managing a team for the first time, lean on their expertise, knowledge and experience. You don’t know everything, so listen careful...