Throughout the year, Quirk’s partners with research companies and end-client researchers to produce Wisdom Wednesday, a series of short, interactive webinars. Wisdom Wednesday is designed to help you keep up on what’s happening in the industry, specifically when your schedule or budget limits your travel to industry events.

Registering and joining us live is always an option (you can find upcoming webinars here). Quirk’s also makes every session available as a recording. You can catch any webinar you may have missed in our video archive. And if you’re looking for a good place to start, read on to learn more about a few of our most recent webinars. 

Gregg Poryzees, Vanguard, stresses the importance of the art of synthesis when presenting data to stakeholders. In this Wisdom Wednesday Webinar, Poryzees shares that this way of presenting makes the data easier for a stakeholder to take in and makes it easier for change to be implemented as a result of research findings. 

“You know, it wasn't that long ago that it was bragging rights to say that you worked on and delivered a hundred-page report, and you say, ‘I'm exhausted. I worked on a hundred-page report and just delivered it.’ You know that someone would say, ‘Well I worked on a 150-page report and that's without the appendix.’ 

“Well, that's not a bragging right anymore. You don't want to be that researcher holding that fire hose, and that stakeholder doesn't look too happy either.” 

In this webinar from March 15, 2023, Momentive’s Alexis White and Mikolka Morrill share tips on monitoring brand performance during an economic downturn. The two focus in on how to track your brand performance and monitor changes over time, as well as ways to identify potential problem areas from demographic shifts. 

“As Pavi Gupta, VP consumer insights and business analytics, Johnson & Johnson, said, the future is speed. Speed [in] tech is going to be...