The Insights Association (IA) focuses on protecting the insights and analytics industry from judicial, legislative and regulatory bodies. It works with national and international associations and advocates for the ability to collect, analyze and share data for the purposes of market research and data analysis. 

The insights industry continues to face the proposals made in late 2022 and early 2023. The continued legal proposals revolve around consumer privacy, data security, generative AI and more. 

As artificial intelligence tools and services continue to be introduced, regulators and legislators are beginning to implement and propose rules and restrictions. The April Fighting for You column emphasizes the importance of understanding the potential risk of using generative AI tools. 

Recently, four federal government agencies partnered to alert others about the potential bias and discrimination within automated systems and artificial intelligence. According to the May column, the White House’s interest in AI regulation could lead to restrictions in the marketing research and insights industry and its interactions with individuals who receive incentives for their research participation. 

IA’s Fighting for You author Howard Fienberg also mentioned Rhode Island’s legislation, saying it would “regulate generative artificial intelligence models, such as ChatGPT, in order to protect the public’s safety, privacy and intellectual property rights.”

IA called for clarifications regarding the Colorado Privacy Act, which goes into effect on July 1, 2023. According to the article, “Clarifications from Colorado Attorney General would ease insights industry compliance with Colorado Privacy Act,” the Colorado Privacy Act “adds consumer privacy rights, requires privacy notices, opt in to process sensitive data, data protection assessments from high-risk processing activities and data processing agreements...