The marketing research and insights industry is constantly changing. New techniques and innovations are being made and improved at an extremely fast pace. Staying on top of the new methodologies and technologies doesn’t need to be difficult. Whether you’re searching for new technology, software or services, these companies offer the newest innovations and tools to help your research stay up to speed!

Innovation is a journey and we brought our map

Catapult’s innovation architects have spent 15 years designing unique journeys to guide our partners through engaging, high-touch growth experiences. Our work has kickstarted and nurtured efforts that became award-winning products, industry-leading CX and names of brands that are known around the world. 

The best ideas come from combining the right process and people at the right time. That’s why we developed our LUMINARY process. LUMINARY provides the structure and focus required for success while remaining flexible enough to meet any level of need and accommodate existing processes.

LUMINARY covers everything from identifying opportunity areas to idea generation and concept development, interspersed with engagements among specialized audiences. Enlisting the talents of these groups lends direction, purpose and voice to your innovation pipeline to elevate outcomes and stack the deck in favor of success. Our agile, high-touch process keeps your team engaged while maintaining momentum toward your goals. 

A recent Tier I automotive OEM supplier enjoyed great success with LUMINARY: “This approach goes well beyond the internal brainstorming sessions we have traditionally run. The thought-provoking process guided us to think much further into the future and excited our innovation team to evolve an even wider range of new ideas into reality. And the volume and quality of ideas were incredible.” 

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Powering your insights

Agile research helps teams achieve better results by delivering outcomes to their customers iteratively based on consumer feedback. To reap these benefits, the process needs to be simple, efficient and a positive experience for respondents. Schlesinger Group makes that possible with two agile research technologies: QualBoard and Methodify.  


Gain valuable information from your target audience, conveniently and without slowing down your research process with QualBoard, Schlesinger Group’s online discussion technology. Focused respondents participate on their own schedules, providing you with more in-depth answers. Plus, you don’t have to be physically present, which cuts down on travel costs and project timelines. You can count on built-in automation and AI, which allows you to stay focused on the research without getting bogged down with the iterative parts of the process. QualBoard puts agile, qualitative research at your fingertips.


Develop products, services or campaigns intelligently with a quantitative agile research toolkit that incorporates the voice of the customer earlier and on more projects. Methodify, Schlesinger Group’s automated quantitative research engine, simplifies project setup and provides results in hours so your focus stays on delivering valuable insights rather than fieldwork. Keep your process moving without compromising on quality by enabling more team members to create or view projects. Empower your organization to make reliable, data-driven decisions with Methodify.

Agile research technology checklist

  • Customizable solutions
  • Streamlined setup process
  • Easily shareable results
  • Quick project turnaround
  • Positive respondent experience  

Fuel your curiosity with insights that will make you say, ‘Aha!’

Behind every business decision is the data to support it. Beyond the data is the story behind it. It’s the story, or the “why,” that adds value and brings the data to life.

Asking “Why?” can unlock the true potential of a business and inform you of the proper direction to go in. Collaborating with the right research partner is the key to answering this primary question. However, most research tools fall short, placing pressure on researchers to work harder to reach accurate results.

Enter GroupSolver, an intelligent research platform that gives companies the power to ask and answer, “Why?” seamlessly. GroupSolver eases researchers’ stress through its comprehensive suite of methodologies and flexible service offerings and by serving as a thought partner to uncover the data story. GroupSolver is built on:

Accessible insights

From the GroupSolver Unlimited subscription to on-demand expertise, GroupSolver can tailor their approach to fit specific needs for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Confident technology

Their proprietary AI tools and quantitative methodologies are constantly evolving to help clients move forward with confidence.

Enjoyable user experience

Every touchpoint of GroupSolver’s research process is enjoyable – for both the researchers developing the studies to the respondents participating in them.

Passionate data storytellers

GroupSolver’s team is passionate about redefining research and analysis by clearly articulating the story the data is revealing to their customers.

Civicom Marketing Research Services Hybrid Research Model and the benefits of hybrid qualitative and quantitative focus groups.


Maximizing new product success: Behavioral innovation testing and market share projection

It’s no secret that 95% of new products launched each year fail to make an impact. Regardless, the pressure to develop and launch a new product is something every company eventually faces. However, with massive investments in new product development and high failure rates, many brands now might forgo the NPD efforts –  especially during economic pressures. But uncertain times have proven to be the mother of innovation and now is the time to think about pushing out new products and tapping into changing consumer needs. But how to do so reliably and scalably? With remote behavioral research focusing on volumetrics and market share estimation! 

Why this approach?

Nowadays, most automated research platforms on the market only allow researchers to pick category shoppers, at best. Driven by this, we ensured our solution is highly customizable and tailored to each study – by adding more granular subcategory criteria including usage frequency, understanding brand awareness and openness to purchasing the new product and even filtering the geolocation in some cases. With every added testing criteria, the potential risk of a new launch gets smaller.

With the remote research approach, we can conduct studies in over 40 countries across the globe via respondents’ mobile or desktop devices – enabling our clients to tap into any market.

How do we do it?

A unique mix of methods and contextual research is imperative in driving the success of any innovation. Given that our tests are conducted remotely and on respondents’ devices to enable the findings’ scalability, developing highly realistic yet virtual shopping environments was essential. When it comes to new product launches in stores, we are able to recreate any store or retail environment with high accuracy, allowing shoppers to buy products as they normally would. With eye tracking, we can also measure respondents’ eye gazes to understand what they are or are not looking at and if they are noticing the new product on the shelf.

The same goes for e-commerce – we can develop websites or webpage mock-ups such as Amazon, Target, Kroger and let respondents shop and explore as they do in real life while we collect data about their shopping behavior.

Having the ability and agility to put them in a context that feels familiar and authentic and do so remotely for any market is undoubtedly the key player in estimating the success of any new product launch strategy.

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Automating your curiosity

The fragmentation within the insights industry runs deep. 

Building a survey? There’s a tool for that. Need to run a conjoint analysis? There’s a separate platform for that. What about visualizing the data? Don’t worry – there is yet another tool for that. 

While many of these tools work well enough to serve their specific niche within the market research space, they’ve also contributed to data silos and fragmented knowledge within organizations. But that doesn’t have to be the case. 

The only insights platform you’ll ever need

SightX is a unified solution for consumer engagement, understanding, advanced analysis and reporting. Build projects, distribute surveys, conduct experiments, collaborate with your team and visualize the results, all in a centralized hub. 

It's no surprise that the average research analyst wastes 45%-70% of their time on repetitive manual tasks; hello data cleaning, formatting and restructuring. SightX was built for those who would rather use their time exploring the meaning behind the data. 

With SightX, you can own the entire research process from start to finish; we call it end-to-end for a reason. Design studies as simple or advanced as your use-case requires and automate your most time-consuming projects like concept testing, conjoint analysis and MaxDiff to accelerate your research. 

Plus, the SightX platform puts a wide range of advanced analysis capabilities right at your fingertips, allowing you to gather actionable insights in real-time with just the click of a button.

Everyone deserves insights they can trust

In an ever-evolving landscape, it is imperative to understand the needs of tomorrow’s customers, today. To meet this demand, InnovateMR has developed a technology suite that combines the very best of our trailblazing ingenuity.

With the award-winning Vision Suite™ from InnovateMR, research just got suite. Take advantage of unlimited users, unlimited surveys, unlimited responses with no fees, contracts or minimums and reduce time and cost to insights without compromising quality. Gain access to a comprehensive collection of next-generation products including:

  • Agile survey creation enablement with templatized questions.
  • Direct integration with our proprietary B2B and consumer audiences in 95+ countries.
  • Simple and transparent feasibility.
  • Precision field management tools including field pacing, real-time alerts via text or e-mail and custom quota management.
  • Advanced fraud mitigation checks and tools including the award-winning Text Analyzer™, evaluating open-end responses at scale, and CloudResearch’s Sentry red herring tool.
  • Reporting analytics and global filtering functionality.
  • A do-it-together approach, with access to a network of experienced consultants and a team of Vision Suite technology experts.

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DTECT, the field management tool that puts the power in your hands

There’s more to life than babysitting research studies and scrubbing IDs. With innovative products like DTECT, we take the hard work out of your research so that you can focus on growing your business.

DTECT merges purpose-built mobile app technology with intelligent supply monitoring to bring you a first-of-its-kind tool that provides oversight, alerts and corrective action to ensure your market research is on point. DTECT watches your projects so you don’t have to.

DTECT focuses on just one component of your operations – supply. Supply is everything to your business. Therefore, supply is everything to our business. That’s why we do it so well.

Here are all the ways DTECT makes your life easier:

  • Adjust your mix of supply to ensure you deliver the most real completes in the least amount of time.
  • Watch trends in survey traffic and react instinctively.
  • Onboard supply quickly in race-to-the-finish projects.
  • Achieve a strong conversion rate without cutting into your margins.
  • Deliver on niche B2B studies.

We understand that one app isn’t the answer to all of life’s troubles. But with less stress at the office and more free time outside of it, there’s bound to be a ripple effect. Visit our website at or e-mail us at to learn more.

IDG’s life-sized virtual aisle

Informed Decision Group’s Mobile Virtual Aisle is a life-sized experience that enables in-context store and shelf learning while being portable to anywhere in the world. Using eye-tracking and qualitative interviews, IDG can extract immediate insights from shoppers’ interactions with the aisle.

By integrating quantitative data from IDG’s mobile eye-tracking and qualitative insights from follow-up interviews/shop-alongs, concise and effective shelf/packaging decisions can be made quickly and with full confidence.

The Mobile Virtual Aisle can also be used in more advanced statistical scenarios such as conjoint methods. The Life-Sized Virtual Conjoint provides results that more accurately extrapolate to the market by using stimuli that better reflect the actual shopping process (e.g., life-sized and interactive stimuli using real planograms and menu layouts). 

This conjoint approach allows the participants to shop just as they would in-store or in-restaurant while a customized conjoint design is in place for accurate price modeling, volumetric forecasting, TURF optimizations and market simulations.

Test and optimize:

  • Packaging
  • Planograms
  • Signage
  • Displays
  • Menu boards