Editor’s note: This article provides an overview of three webinars from Quirk’s Wisdom Wednesday virtual series held on September 20, 2023. The Quirk’s Event Virtual - AI on October 18-19 will be the next opportunity to watch content online from multiple organizations. Click here for more information. 

In September, Quirk’s Media hosted a Wisdom Wednesday series with three companies presenting. We had a presentation on a research report and two on different aspects of AI technology within marketing research and insights. 

In this article, we’ll summarize the main ideas from each webinar. 

SurveyMonkey presented the results of a survey it conducted in January 2023, which included 544 marketers. The company hoped to find the challenges and opportunities marketers face in their day-to-day jobs. 

Laura Wronski, director of research, said the research found competition, economic concerns, shifting strategies and directions as some of the key challenges. Overall marketers today need to find a way to bridge the gap in leadership expectations and market challenges. 

The research found opportunities to be proactive and take risks with marketing campaigns, getting access to lots of data to pivot quickly to consumer changes and bolster brand growth with data. 

As a result of the survey, SurveyMonkey created the “ask, listen, act framework,” which was explained in detail at the end of the webinar. The framework boils down to three steps: First, be able to ask the right questions of stakeholders and top customers. Next, listen by gathering the data needed to try to solve a business problem. Finally, act on those findings from your research. 

To learn more from this survey watch the full webinar recording or read the transcript.

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