The quest for insightful qualitative data

By Sheryl Brie, a Senior Vice President, Head of Behavioral Qualitative, Behaviorally

Great behavioral qualitative research helps brand marketers to understand the deeper meaning behind the numbers. However, in the ever-evolving landscape of market research, the quest for insightful qualitative data encounters challenges like resource intensity and delayed reporting. Traditional methods often fall short in providing real-time insights, hindering the swift optimization of designs based on valuable consumer feedback. Questions arise about keeping respondents and stakeholders engaged, simplifying the process of collecting and analyzing data, and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Enter GLADYS, short for Generative Learnings Attitudes and Decisions of Your Shoppers, a revolutionary digital platform designed to transform and aggregate behavioral qualitative data into a dynamic and insightful experience to launch effective packaging design into market.

A transformative approach to qualitative research

The new platform, GLADYS, stands out in the field of qualitative research. It surpasses traditional approaches by capturing emotions, reactions and impressions through digitized data, complemented by audio and video follow-up probing. By incorporating gamified qualitative techniques, respondents are engaged with the process and experience, providing marketers better insights into understanding consumer behavior at the point of purchase transaction. Furthermore, GLADYS evaluates the effectiveness of the pack design narratives, offering invaluable insights into what is resonating, and which elements are driving product selection.  

A notable feature of GLADYS is its versatility, making it accessible for both online and in-person research, in various settings so brand marketers can be part of the action from any location. Designed to be user-friendly for all age groups, this flexibility ensures seamless adaptation to diverse research environments. In addition, marketers can customize their views based on participants, users, demographics or other specific criteria, enabling precise extraction of insights to inform decision-making.

AI and real-time collaboration

The magic of GLADYS lies in its AI capabilities, generating relevant key themes immediately after each session right at the marketer’s fingertips. In addition, by leveraging a proprietary database and AI-powered solutions, Behaviorally’s PackPower Score™, an easy to understand one number score of potential sales impact of new packaging designs, is seamlessly integrated into the research and reporting.  

Traditionally, qualitative research faced challenges in providing swift and actionable insights due to the time-consuming nature of data collection and analysis to draft reporting. GLADYS addresses this by offering real-time collaboration features, empowering marketers and moderators to probe consumer responses swiftly. This facilitates on-the-fly probing and fosters a dynamic exchange of insights, all within a seamlessly accessible platform from any location.

GLADYS represents a paradigm shift in qualitative research, turning the iterative process from project to project into a session-to-session approach. By offering immediate, relevant and actionable insights, GLADYS empowers teams to make informed decisions at the crucial point of purchase. 

Shaping the future of insights

In the fast-paced world of market research, GLADYS serves as a guide toward a future where qualitative research is not only efficient, but also engaging and impactful. Marketers are now equipped with a transformative tool that transcends traditional boundaries, unlocking deeper insights into consumer behavior.

GLADYS enables marketers to gain unparalleled insights into consumer attitudes and decisions. Its unique combination of gamified qualitative techniques and AI-powered analytics revolutionizes the way marketers understand their audience. By capturing emotions and reactions in real-time, GLADYS provides a holistic view of consumer responses, allowing for immediate adjustments and optimizations. Marketers can actively participate in the research experience, breaking down traditional barriers and bringing them closer to the authentic consumer experience.

A game changer in qualitative research

In conclusion, GLADYS is a game changer in qualitative research, ushering in a new era where technology and AI seamlessly integrate to provide unparalleled insights. By addressing the challenges of traditional research methods, GLADYS enhances the qualitative research process from data collection to real-time collaboration, ultimately empowering marketers to make informed decisions at the crucial point of purchase. As the market research landscape evolves, GLADYS stands as a beacon, guiding marketers toward a future where qualitative research is not only efficient but also deeply impactful and engaging.

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About the author: 

Sheryl Brie is a senior vice president, head of behavioral qualitative at Behaviorally. With over two decades in market research and spending her recent 14 years working in CPG shopping and packaging insights, she has conducted over 500 research projects and has spoken to more than 10,000 individuals about their shopping decision process. She is a behavioral science geek and is fascinated with how human perceptions filter their world and guide their choices and behaviors. Brie is also a recent empty nester with two adult children. Her daughter is following in her footsteps and is also in the market research industry. Her son is a U.S. Marine.