Editor’s note: Emily Rodgers is the marketing manager at Drive Research. This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared under the title “6 Unique Benefits of Ad Concept Testing with Surveys.”

In this competitive B2B and B2C marketing landscape, many brands make substantial investments in concept testing. Why? While there are many benefits of ad concept testing with surveys, perhaps the most influential is its ability to deliver resounding success and increase ROI. As one of the greatest market research options for advertising and marketing efforts, concept testing is a mission-critical growth method for most organizations.

Depending on your brand’s reach, ads have the potential to be seen by millions of people. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure the campaign resonates with viewers, makes an impression and leads them to take action. As a marketer, you probably already know that achieving all these things is easier said than done. That's where surveys can help. 

Before the ad concept testing survey template is created, it’s essential to understand how data will influence your ad campaign process. When we refer to “data-driven decision-making,” we mean using various metrics to ensure that your ad idea is relevant, accurate and clear. This can only help an ad campaign! Gathering a good amount of actionable data will let you know for sure just how well a campaign will perform. 

In marketing and advertising, data equals knowledge and confidence. This not only refers to having confidence in the actual data but having confidence in the quality of your ad campaign. 

With the data gathered via the concept testing survey, you can relax and know that your ad is already approved by your target audience. In other words, having a data-backed marketing campaign assures the ad will make an impact on consumers who see it. This can lead to increased business and an overall good rep...