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What Categories are Consumers Most Loyal to?

Consumers have grown increasingly more concerned about inflation and the economy. As a result, Americans are becoming more mindful of their spending. However, this does not mean spending is off limits, as almost twice as many people carry a monthly balance on their credit card compared to three years ago.  

As consumer spending is shifting, it is essential to understand what products different audiences purchase and which categories they are most loyal to. Every report includes a loyalty barometer. Check out where your industry stacks up.  

In the seventh wave of our biannual trends research, Provoke Insights continues to track consumers' brand loyalty as well as their preferences for shopping online vs. in-store.   

Provoke Insights conducts a bi-annual study among 1,500 respondents representative of the U.S. population. These valuable one-of-a-kind insights were developed for 16 industry-specific complimentary reports on the following topics:

  • Advertising. 
  • Apparel. 
  • Affluence. 
  • Alcohol. 
  • Beauty. 
  • Finance and the economy. 
  • Fitness. 
  • Furniture. 
  • Home improvement. 
  • Outdoors and backpacks. 
  • Produce. 
  • Restaurants. 
  • Skin care. 

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The research was conducted among 1,502 Americans in the fall of 2023.  

CPG Leaders Are Harnessing Data Intelligence to Win

Digital channels are growing and leading CPG companies are transforming the way they gather, interpret and deploy consumer intelligence. Fueled by the changing data insights landscape and the impact of global inflation, consumer purchase paths are becoming increasingly complex, involving multiple touchpoints across both online and offline channels.

To stay ahead of the curve, CPG companies must reinvent and prioritize their digital data intelligence strategies. Leveraging first-party permissioned data, CPGs are gaining a 360-degree view of consumer behavior and path-to-purchase data. Through innovative technology, CPGs are finally eliminating the blindspots that have plagued consumer insight teams for years. 

Understanding the touchpoints consumers make in each phase of the purchase journey is essential for CPG and brands to develop effective marketing strategies.  In our article, learn the details behind a well known global CPG company’s  digital path-to-purchase study where we uncovered the average number of consumer touchpoints for their brand’s haircare and deodorant products. The data demonstrates the complexity and depth of consumer online purchase behavior today.

As Renata Naddeo from Shopper Science notes, actively listening to shoppers and understanding their motivations is key to crafting resonant strategies in this multifaceted and complex consumer journey. The future of CPG audience analytics lies in the ability to decode online consumer behavior, uncover patterns, and leverage real-time observations for informed marketing and positioning strategies.

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Understanding Black Culture in America 

Learn from Pepper Miller, market researcher and Black American Subject-matter expert, as she delves into the foundational insights about Black culture – helping readers understand the importance of language, beliefs and behaviors related to Black culture. 

Taking readers closer to the heart and soul of Black cultureMilleraddresses Black identity and language; the authentic realism of Black cyberspace; the importance of the Black church; connecting to the community in positive ways with Black media, grassroots events, authenticity and inclusive market research; and so much more.

Upon completing this journey with Pepper, readers should have a clear understanding of “the why” about Black America and the value of aligning with and investing in this distinctive and rising sector of American people. 

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