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About Collage Group

Collage Group is the leading cultural intelligence company supporting over 300 iconic U.S. brands in their efforts to unleash the power of culture to drive brand growth. Through our consumer insights, data, tools and best practices we work with marketing and insights professionals to help them more effectively and efficiently understand, reach and engage diverse consumers in the midst of America’s seismic cultural transformation. For more than 10 years, we have provided brands with the tools needed to build the cultural fluency necessary to activate consumers across race, ethnicity, generation, sexuality, gender and parent-child relationships.

Programs, products and services

At Collage Group, we help brands achieve cultural fluency, the organizational ability to use culture to connect effectively and efficiently across consumer segments. Through our membership programs – multicultural, generations, LGBTQ+ and gender and parents and kids – custom research and advanced data and tools – CultureRate:Brand, CultureRate:Ad, Instant Insights and Market Profiler – our partners achieve high-impact results.

Our robust analytical framework starts with a deep understanding of cultural variations across all consumer segments, measuring cultural attributes, traits, passion points and more. We explore how these attitudes and behaviors impact various industries, such as consumer packaged goods (CPG), automotive, financial services, health care, media and more. We then identify linkages to brands and ads through our proprietary metrics, CultureRate:Brand and Ad. With our world-class cultural intelligence platform, you are the first to know, visualize critical insights, personalize your learning experience and much more.

A world-class cultural intelligence platform

Collage Group consumer insights are delivered through an online cultural intelligence platform supported by our client services team. Our business model offers unique value by integrating member-based subscription access to unrivaled syndicated research content and an ever-growing database. Collage Group members have access to 570+ studies in our syndicated research platform, with more than 35 original proprietary studies published each year and new data unveiled weekly. Our multiyear relationships with America’s top brands result in the development of products that reflect a deep understanding of our clients’ priorities, including customized service plans and curated insights that answer critical questions. Our insights help brands discover powerful new data and strategic frameworks, generate awareness and then align and train teams. In addition to a world-class cultural intelligence program, our custom research better targets where you need to focus to leap ahead of the competition.

CultureRate:Brand and ad

Growth requires cultural fluency, the ability to use culture to efficiently and effectively connect across consumer segments. Are your brands and ads positioned to authentically engage with diverse America?

As the largest cultural resonance database, CultureRate reveals how your brand and ads rank vs. your competitors. CultureRate surveys are measuring brands and ads continuously with a focus on the new wave of Americans (18-40), the generation setting the pace for brand growth. Growing annually by more than 200,000 responses or 30 million unique data points, the CultureRate database is the largest of its kind. CultureRate relies on 10+ years of research and expertise in the survey design methods needed to understand diverse America and was built in partnership with more than 200 Collage Group brands across 10 major sectors.

CultureRate data analyses convincingly reveal that culturally fluent brand and ad positioning can and will resonate across broader audiences if done in an authentic, relatable way. A culturally fluent brand can leverage powerful halo effects that can reach the total market without compromising segment-specific nuance. Use CultureRate to take control of your brand favorability and ad positioning and build cultural resonance across all segments.

Custom research solutions

Few companies can succeed without a clear idea of the impact of multicultural growth on their categories and brands. Are you ready to enhance the value of your membership to our cultural intelligence platform with our world-class custom research services?

Understand the power of diverse consumer stories and how to create authentic expressions in a market that has been radically redefined by the growth and influence with Collage Group custom solutions. Your brand can leverage our custom tools to define the content that hits the mark across segments. Our execution support also covers A&U, segmentation, concept development, product positioning, innovation and more.

We have extensive experience working with leading companies through membership and custom engagements, using premiere data and tools like the CultureRate:Brand and CultureRate:Ad suite of products, among others, to blend best in class consumer, subject and methodological expertise.

Year Established:   2009

Number of Employees:   60

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Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) | Insights Association (United States) | Washington Business Journal Diversity in Business Award 2022 Recipient