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What is GetWhy?

GetWhy is the leading AI-empowered qual insights platform that puts your marketing idea, concept or content in front of your audience, and gathers their response into actionable insights.

With GetWhy, you can test all your creative assets and ideas with your target audience and get quick, AI-powered and video-based customer insights that will help you, among others:

  • Understand local cultures and target groups
  • Strengthen your brand’s resonance and relevance
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Activate successful campaigns

Unparalleled consumer insights at top speed, precision, and AI-driven expertise

Built on five years of experience with 100,000+ interviews, the GetWhy platform employs advanced AI to deliver video-based consumer feedback in just four hours.

With GetWhy, insights professionals can solely focus on prompting, contextualizing, storytelling, and insight adoption - ensuring their focus is directed at adding value.

This rapid, high-caliber intel empowers businesses like Nike, Heineken or Lego to be agile, making data-driven decisions in real-time. GetWhy has deployed more AI within insights than any other company on an unprecedented global scale.

Year Established:   2019

Number of Employees:   70

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Langebrogade 4
Copenhagen K 1411
Customer Contact(s):
Alexander Christensen, VP Sales
  • 45-77-34-86-85
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