Before we hit the ground running with new topics for 2021, we want to say thank you to our authors, readers and advertisers. It has been an amazing experience seeing the marketing research and insight community come together and find innovative ways to collect data and use it for good. 

Below, you will find a selection of our editors’ favorite articles from the last year. Trust us – it was hard to narrow our lists down to just these few! From blogs sharing career advice for those struggling during the pandemic, to magazine and e-newsletter articles discussing COVID-19’s impact on marginalized consumers, we’ve received so many quality submissions that we were proud to publish in 2020. 

(listed in no particular order) 

The population of unauthorized Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. is considerable and ranges between 11 and 22 million people1,2,3. However, there has been a lack of nationwide quantitative studies based on the perspectives of unauthorized Hispanic immigrants regarding their immigration stories, life, perceptions and attitudes towards American culture and society. As a result, it is hard to understand the main problems created by this social phenomenon and to find plausible solutions. Read more. 

Traditional win-loss programs continue to provide significant value to organizations that sell to other businesses (B2B) and represent an untapped opportunity to improve win rates for those that have yet to implement such a program. However, there are three distinct ways that win-loss efforts can deliver even more value. Read more. 

COVID-19 has been a jarring wake-up call. While the idea of traditional research on ethnic consumers and their disparate COVID-19 experiences is certainly not a groundbreaking proposition, what clearly will be evident post-COVID-19 is that one size does not fit all. As infection numbers and death tolls from the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. are tallied, rac...