Methodologies, techniques and technology are rapidly changing in the marketing research and insights industry. New products and services are being released at an ever-faster pace. How can you keep up on what is new? Quirk’s has you covered. In this section, you will find some of the newest and most innovative tools and services to keep your research up to speed. From the latest in software, technology, methodology and services, these are the products and services you will want to know about. 

Feedback Loop is the agile research platform for rapid consumer feedback

Our technology enables researchers and product managers alike to scale data-driven decision-making.

Research teams use Feedback Loop to:

  • Accelerate consumer insights programs with a platform that makes gathering insights fast, easy and reliable.
  • Collaborate with product teams on agile development by implementing research playbooks and data quality guardrails in our platform.
  • De-risk decisions with data with directional feedback from target audiences early and often.

Our intuitive platform makes it simple to get started. Feedback Loop gives you the freedom to interact with your results and absorb the information needed to perform exploratory analysis or make quick decisions.

  1. Create your test in minutes. Select from pre-vetted and custom templates, upload a script or request research guidance on demand.
  2. Target your audience. Select an audience from your team library or create a new audience based on demographic and behavioral criteria. We partner with the two largest online sample providers in the world so you can reach diverse audiences and refine them as you learn more about your target market.
  3. Get your data. Quickly share data for collaboration with internal and external stakeholders or export data to include in presentations. 

Feedback Loop has completed over 20,000 tests, collecting 110 million responses from 2.5 million consumers. We enable you to go from questions to data in just three days, so you can continuously learn faster and innovate smarter.

Fast. Easy. Reliable. Feedback Loop.


With shoppers abbreviating in-store visits, standing out on the shelf is more important than ever

Research has consistently shown that a huge proportion of shopping decisions are made in-store. That means the vast majority of shoppers are making their decisions based on what they see when they enter the store. And, in a pandemic-related development, shoppers are dramatically abbreviating their in-store visits, making decisions faster than ever before. Obviously, this environment puts millions of dollars on the line for manufacturers and retailers, making it critical that package and shelf designs instantly capture the attention of shoppers and prompt them to open their wallets.

In the past, manufacturers sent representatives into retail outlets to optimize these all-important shelf designs, based on input from in-store surveys and focus groups. Now however, pandemic-related limitations have made that practice all but disappear. Increasingly, consumer insights professionals and brand marketers are turning to the virtual reality of a shelf testing platform to help them ensure that shoppers are met with appealing package design, perfect pricing and ideal shelf placement. Toluna Start provides an automated solution with customizable methodology, an indispensable tool not only for manufacturers but also for retailers seeking guidance through the restocking process.

Here’s the key point: the shelf testing tool literally re-creates the shelf environment, so respondents – chosen from Toluna’s wide-ranging global community – can make choices as if they were standing before a real-life, in-store display. And advanced analytics mean that actionable data is delivered in real time, enabling agile decision-making in the turbo-charged retail environment.

Importantly, users can custom-tailor the tool to provide exactly the level of functionality they need. On one hand, they can choose a streamlined, agile approach featuring static images presented to respondents. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, they can create 3-D models that allow respondents to virtually pick up an item and assess it in detail from all sides, with a zoom feature to enhance texts and images. And the advanced heat-mapping function zeroes in on specific areas of a product or shelf design, highlighting respondents’ likes and dislikes. This provides invaluable data about package design or shelf configuration – including percentages of respondents that were attracted to a specific feature. The end-result is a comprehensive cache of actionable data.

While it’s uncertain exactly how the in-store and online shopping environment will evolve, it’s clear the geography will continue to change. Manufacturers and retailers need the speed and flexibility Toluna’s shelf testing product provides to stay ahead of the curve.


Agile concept and creative testing with SurveyMonkey’s expert solutions

These days, markets are changing faster than ever and you need a fast, reliable way to validate your ideas. But full-service agencies take weeks or months to deliver the results you need now. That’s why SurveyMonkey has spent the last couple years engineering a new suite of seven expert solutions so you can test product and marketing concepts faster than ever – you’ll have presentation-ready insights in a matter of hours. 

“Honestly, I’m almost at a loss for words because I’m just thinking about how much time this saves and how many insights we may have overlooked because we didn’t have AI-Powered Insights doing it for us,” said a director of consumer insights at a major U.S. skincare brand.

Intrigued? Here’s how SurveyMonkey’s new expert solutions will improve your concept-testing process:

  1. Leverage our expert methodology. Easily customize your study with our built-in monadic methodology designed to minimize survey fatigue. Simply choose from our default set of attributes – or create your own.
  2. Gather high-quality data. Instantly reach your ideal target audience via our trusted global panel, SurveyMonkey Audience, that ensures high response quality. Whether you need consumer or B2B respondents, we’ve got you covered.
  3. Compare with industry benchmarks. Simply getting a set of scores won’t tell you how your concept will perform in the market. See how your concepts stack up to industry benchmarks generated from real, top-performing concepts in your product/service category.
  4. Eliminate manual data formatting: Reduce the time spent on analysis thanks to instant scorecards with stat testing, crosstabs, text analysis and beautiful native PowerPoint exports. And SurveyMonkey’s innovative, new AI-Powered Insights will comb through hundreds of filtered segments of your data to find groups that have responded in a unique way, saving you hours of digging and serving up “aha” moments. 

It’s easy to get started with the level of support you need: you can create and launch a project completely on your own or work with our team of research experts to get you going.

So, if you need to test product concepts, packaging designs, ads, messages, claims, names or logos, you’ll want to check out SurveyMonkey’s expert solutions. Contact us for a demo or to explore a proof of concept.


The Innovation Center – Where internal expertise meets the latest technology

In today’s world, we must find creative, collaborative and innovative market research solutions –working together to invent the best way to get the insights needed. It is essential to have a passion for discovering people’s beliefs, behaviors, triggers, cues and motivations to help identify unexpected human truths that inform and inspire. And these discoveries fuel business success.

Creative and collaborative solutions for success

Being flexible in an ever-changing world means having lots of choices for implementation. Through InsightsNow, solutions can be provided via custom approaches and through assisted research tools based on proprietary behavioral frameworks to help you find answers faster, improving speed to and success in market. Some of the areas include:

  • Front-end innovation: Using a discovery process to find white space for innovation helps you strategically set the stage for true and deep differentiation from competitors.
  • Innovation and product development: Leveraging research methods that go beyond the surface of consumer preference into what truly drives consumer behavior results in greater in-market success and better innovation cycle decisions.
  • Brand positioning and messaging: Examining the interconnections of all the elements of a brand helps you understand how to position your brand for growth and how to communicate about your brand, product or service to target audiences.

Expertise meets the latest technology 

InsightsNow recently launched The Innovation Center – where internal expertise meets the latest research technology. This unique hub gives you instant access to thought leadership, proprietary behavioral scores and research methods to help design and redesign the most impactful consumer products and messaging. The InsightsNow Innovation Center portal includes:

  • Learning Center: A resource for understanding the “why” behind consumer behaviors, where you can access behavioral reports, case studies, webinars, white papers and tracking studies.
  • Scoring Center: A database of behavioral consumer scores where you can track consumer reactions to ingredients and their perceived benefits and associations. 
  • Testing Center: An easy interface that streamlines study scoping and execution where you can design and launch new conceptual, product or message testing projects in minutes. 

InsightsNow is a full-service, award-winning behavioral research firm that partners with companies across a wide array of industry verticals to accelerate business decisions. We specialize in supporting companies’ creation of disruptive innovations for achieving a cleaner, healthier, happier world. By partnering with InsightsNow, you can delve into the “why” behind human behavior to quickly drive greater business success. We work with clients to design research to address challenges and accelerate innovation by focusing on consumer behaviors and emotional drivers.


Digsite: Qual+quant technology for client-side teams

Looking for better research technology? You’re not alone. Now more than ever, insights pros are seeking technology solutions to manage faster timelines, limited resources and tight budgets. Digsite offers a leading one-stop solution for product, marketing, shopper and CX/UX teams seeking more agile qualitative iteration and quantitative validation.

Digsite Pulse = Quantitative validation

Digsite Pulse helps teams pick winning opportunity areas, concepts, ads and more. The technology includes customizable study templates to conduct overnight tests with hundreds of consumers as well as AI-enabled dashboards for real-time analysis and reporting. With Digsite, researchers can bring quantitative participants into a qualitative study to drill even deeper.

Digsite Sprints = Qualitative iteration

Digsite Sprints foster collaborative development of big ideas by enabling teams to learn and iterate with a group of targeted consumers. Teams can recruit participants in as little as 24 hours and engage them for as long as they need. Digsite Sprints are one of the most flexible qualitative technologies on the market, enabling teams to engage in group discussions, capture photos and videos of experiences and even schedule live video interviews. 

Learn, iterate and validate faster

The engine behind Digsite’s technology is its proprietary SocialFind recruiting and national panel of more than a million households. This high-quality sample enables participant engagement that goes beyond traditional survey questions with unique quant+qual tasks like image mark-up, fill-in-the-blank stories and interactive voting. Teams can see the quality firsthand though the photo/video artifacts they collect and share, including an integrated video library with automated transcripts and clip-reel creation. 

Better automated reporting on demand

Digsite’s SmartDashboard uses the latest automated reporting technology to deliver top-line results with interactive charts, sentiment analysis, keywords and pinned quotes. SmartBenchmarking makes it possible to instantly compare results across concepts and benchmark to prior studies. SmartComparison lets you see results from subgroups of consumers side-by-side. Digsite also offers PowerPoint downloads with editable charts so you can build customized presentation-ready reports.

Expert support when you need it

Got a lean research team? Unlike most technology platforms, Digsite offers both assisted DIY technology and consulting services for setup, recruiting, design, moderation and reporting. That means Digsite subscribers can easily shift between DIY or full-service support as priorities or timelines change. 

Finally, qual+quant living together in harmony

Overall, Digsite helps teams move quickly from quant to qual (and back again) in one integrated platform. That’s flexibility!

Digsite | Insights for Innovators.


Glocalities Insights Solution – Profile your target audience instantly in 35 countries

For effective marketing, organizations have a constant need for real-time access to accurate and reliable data which goes beyond their own product category. Brands not only need to know which products their consumers use but also what their consumers try to achieve in life, what makes them tick and how and when to engage with them. However, many organizations do not have the means or the time to conduct such large-scale studies, let alone take cross-cultural differences into account. To help brands with this demand, Glocalities developed the Glocalities Insights Solution, a fast and cost-effective platform to really understand consumers and target audiences all over the world.


The World of Glocalities Insights Solution is a research-based DIY analytics tool running in any web browser. It provides instant access to data from over 150,000 consumers from 35 countries and contains more than 2,000 consumer profiling variables. Presented in a visual and intuitive way, the Glocalities Insights Solution lets you pick and profile your target audience from every angle. 


At the core of this analytical tool lies the Glocalities database, based on the unique Glocalities research program spanning multiple years and containing information about trends, lifestyle and cross-cultural values. The database contains unique data about the values and lifestyle of consumers across the globe and gives an insight into who they are with respect to: 

  • media consumption
  • persuasion tactics and communication styles
  • lifestyle and trends
  • political preferences
  • values and mentality
  • sustainability preferences
  • archetypes, socio-demographic characteristics

Connected with brand usage, this provides marketers and insights professionals with the input they need to adapt, fine-tune and perfect their strategic positioning.


Not only does the Glocalities Insights Solution give you easy access to insights about the profile of your target audience but it also shows you where to find and how to communicate and engage with your target audience more effectively. The Glocalities Insights Solution contains data that is updated annually. Furthermore, the Glocalities Data-Consultants can help you to analyze the database in an effective way that saves you both time and money.

Follow global industry leaders such as Unilever, Heineken and Greenpeace and niche players like Big Green Egg and the Dutch Van Gogh Museum by boosting the effect of your marketing and working with Glocalities insights today.

If you would like to learn more or get a demo, please visit our website: www.glocalities.com/world-of-glocalities/ or contact Pieter Paul Verheggen and/or Hans Schoemaker at 31-20-589-8383.

As the market research industry adopts new technologies to improve data capture and analysis, one thing is certain: the prevalence of cloud computing will continue to rise as facility owners, field researchers and service companies embrace SaaS and marketplace service providers that offer real-time access to on-demand tools to create additional company-wide value.

With new platforms in streaming and social media shifting attention away from traditional data gathering practices, powerful creative tools have democratized the way consumers share their opinions. These tools provide comfort and safety where users can express their own unique voice free of judgment. This shift in consumer behavior has given unprecedented insight into the personal lives of respondents. With vast archives of self-produced content and with the shift in content consumption behavior, new opportunities are emerging, forcing businesses to rethink how and where they access consumer communities for new ideas.

The rise of the sharing economy and cloud computing are pushing researchers to select shorter term, flexible facility space options, and facility owners are finding ways to adjust to the ever-changing landscape of opportunities and challenges. These business requirements force facility owners to rethink how they deliver their real estate. Traditional lease agreements can’t solve the flexible requirements of today’s field insight professionals.

Hub’N Hive, a new space rental marketplace, is transforming how insights community professionals are finding and booking facilities to conduct studies. As focus group facility owners battle rising costs, facility managers have an opportunity to evolve their strategies to scale and manage their properties. Hub’N Hive has rolled out its facility management platform designed specifically for insight experts and remote field data collection teams to connect with facility operators and private businesses that have space to share. Facility operators can take advantage of customized listing tools to communicate directly with research professionals looking for space to book. Perfect for facility operators of all sizes, Hub’N Hive streamlines back-office activities including listing, marketing and booking space online.