Methodologies, techniques and technology are rapidly changing in the marketing research and insights industry. New products and services are being released at an ever-faster pace. How can you keep up on what is new? Quirk’s has you covered. In this section, you will find some of the newest and most innovative tools and services to keep your research up to speed. From the latest in software, technology, methodology and services, these are the products and service you will want to know about.

Toluna is the only insights provider uniquely designed to empower today’s on-demand economy. We are powered by the perfect fusion of expertise, technology and community – which we use to connect businesses and consumers to deliver insights on-demand to companies of all sizes.

TolunaInsights is the industry’s leading on-demand, real-time consumer insights platform. 

TolunaInsights is the only end-to-end platform where audiences, surveys, communities and analytics are completely integrated with one another, and Toluna’s global influencer community, accessible through one interface, empowering the adoption of agile research approaches, enterprise-level research programs and ultimately better and quicker decision-making. Clients can opt to access the platform directly, leverage Toluna’s managed services or create fully customized digital consumer insights programs via our engineered services.


SurveyMonkey: Automated market research to reach your goals faster

A product manager at a self-driving car company sits right on the cutting edge of innovation. But the obstacles Michael Paris faced at start-up drive.ai will sound familiar to market researchers across other industries.

With most market research solutions Paris lacked visibility into the survey creation process, had trouble reaching his target market and had no real-time access to the data.

In SurveyMonkey Audience, Michael found an automated market research solution that solved all of those problems.  

The speed, targeting options, data quality and ease of use were significantly better, he said. Research costs dropped up to 50 percent. Most importantly, “SurveyMonkey Audience made it easy for me to reach a broad spectrum of users.” 

As an always-on consumer panel, SurveyMonkey Audience helps you do worldwide market research in your own time and budget. Automated tasks are built in: check the feasibility of your study; estimate its cost and delivery date; launch your surveys; and watch the data roll in in real-time.

Audience runs on the SurveyMonkey platform so survey design, launch and analysis are always at your fingertips. It’s part of an innovative portfolio of solutions including SurveyMonkey CX (customer experience), TechValidate (customer case study automation) and SurveyMonkey Engage (employee engagement).

SurveyMonkey focuses on innovation so customers can focus on their research goals.

“I was able to get data quickly,” Paris said, “without a lot of learning in advance.” 


New cognitive science tool doubles odds of success

With new tools being introduced to capture System 1 non-conscious thinking, it’s difficult to know what to use and whether it really works. ACUPOLL has introduced Spark MCR™, an advanced new screening tool that is proven to outperform traditional approaches in predicting how messages impact people’s behavior, including sales. 

Developed in collaboration with a leading cognitive scientist, Spark MCR™ provides more realistic and complete evaluation of ideas’ ability to ignite the gut, heart and mind. The technique was optimized using 40,000 responses and shown to be twice as effective at capturing respondents’ gut reaction – impulse and emotion – as well as reflection. Spark provides a more practical solution than neuro methods for screening:

  • product ideas 
  • positionings 
  • digital or print ads 
  • claims 
  • taglines 
  • varieties/flavors 
  • packages 
  • logos 

ACUPOLL compared survey reactions using Spark MCR™ to actual digital campaign results (i.e., online behavior and e-commerce sales) for a big-box retailer. The study also included a control cell featuring traditional screening approaches. 

Spark MCR was significantly and materially more predictive of engagement and sales than the traditional approach. Messages with higher performance in Spark MCR were four times more likely to result in high engagement and two times more likely to result in high sales vs. lower-performing ads. 


Consumer product testing reinvented 

TasteMakers Research Group is a next-generation market research company providing high-performance consumer testing solutions to CPG innovators who require agile, authentic and rigorous results. 

The PopUp CLT (consumer location test) is an agile market research methodology designed to quickly conduct quantitative consumer taste tests, product testing and sensory research across the U.S. and Canada. The new “CLT” stands for consumer location testing where hundreds of on-the-go consumers are recruited organically and seamlessly during their daily lives.

Natural, familiar and in-context consumer testing locations support large sample sizes for quantitative results and create highly engaged participants that deliver authentic insights. There are unlimited ways to reach your target consumer by leveraging our retail, leisure, fitness, local business, city and community partnerships nationwide. 

Our robust research staff recruits participants in the field according to screening specifications, performs continuous test monitoring of participants and tightly controls the preparation of each sample. Real-time results, advanced reporting and statistical capabilities are available for any project.


Innovation + ease of use: Automation drives efficiency in conjoint and max-diff research tests

Recently AYTM “Ask Your Target Market” introduced new robust advanced research tests to its already innovative and easy-to-use research automation platform.

Conjoint express and segmentation makes conducting choice-based conjoint research tests fast and easy. This sophisticated approach allows researchers to find the most desired combination of features for your future product, service or package out of the tens of thousands of possible permutations – all from an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. 

AYTM has also upgraded its advanced max-diff research test to offer two options, express or hierarchical Bayesian (HB). The express upgrade has decreased the number of screens by half and HB allows researchers to collect high-resolution data on the individual level using the HB model. 

Both advanced research tests can be found on the robust AYTM automation platform featuring a full range of quantitative research tests via the ease of a do-it-yourself platform. AYTM’s proprietary built-in panels provide access to over 25 million consumers in 26 countries, along with real-time pricing, guaranteed delivery time and fast turnaround.


Sawtooth Software launches Bandit MaxDiff 

Utah-based Sawtooth Software launched a new offering – Bandit MaxDiff. Max-diff, or best/worst scaling, is a survey-based approach that is ideal for measuring preference or importance scores for a list of items such as advertising claims, product benefits, features and more. However, max-diff becomes problematic when the number of items exceeds about 50. As internal teams and clients continue to push the envelope with the number of items, Bandit MaxDiff offers an adaptive approach that more efficiently manages a large list. The approach uses preferences from previous respondents so subsequent respondents see max-diff questions that oversample the top items – the ones that are most likely to turn out to be the overall winners. If the goal is to identify the top items for the sample, researchers can save up to 75 percent on data collection costs by using Bandit MaxDiff because you only need to interview as few as 25 percent of respondents as you did in the past! Users can test up to 2,000 items at a time with Bandit MaxDiff. Max-diff was first released as a software system in 2004 by Sawtooth Software, which continues to be the industry leader in choice/conjoint analysis. Find out more at www.sawtoothsoftware.com/BanditMaxDiff or e-mail sales@sawtoothsoftware.com. 


Digsite Video Sprints: Bring your agile qualitative research to life

Video is a powerful way for your customers to provide real, human feedback that is emotionally engaging and rich in meaning and context – but video can be a challenge under tight schedules and budgets. The new Digsite integration with Voxpopme enables you to quickly incorporate video into your agile qualitative research, getting you the actionable insights you need, without sacrificing your timelines.

Digsite Video Sprints begin with high-quality, targeted recruiting using our proprietary SocialFind™ approach. Participants can easily share their thoughts and experiences with video responses as part of an intuitive social media-style community that includes group conversations, survey responses and image markup.

Videos are automatically transcribed and fed into Digsite SmartReporting, using automation and natural language processing to give you an instant overview of findings. Digsite SmartReports feature word clouds, top-ranked quotes and sentiment charts across both video and non-video responses. In addition, moderators can easily conduct more detailed analysis and build clip reels. The result? You spend less time conducting research and more time telling better stories.

Use Digsite Video Sprints to capture customer experiences; build brand positioning and advertising; and optimize new product ideas. Digsite Video Sprints can also be used as a follow-up to selected survey responses or as a way to capture in-context experiences prior to in-person research. For more information, visit Digsite.com/VideoSprints. 

Take control of your next research dashboard

Dashboards are a bit of a buzz at the moment. But they’re not just a fad – they’re here to stay as a key way to visualize research data. They can also be complicated to build and as a market researcher, your dashboarding options are quite limited.

You could commission expensive BI software, only to discover that the interface is difficult to use and often requires an external consultant. Or, you find it’s not built with the market research industry in mind and can’t natively handle everyday researcher functionality, such as significance or low bases. 

Considering these issues, we at E-Tabs felt there should be a better way for you to take control of your insight dashboard creation. Therefore, we created E-Tabs Iris. 

Iris is a full-featured dashboard design platform specifically tailored to the needs of market researchers, giving you the power to create impactful dashboards within minutes. The cloud-based interface is simple to use with a drag-and-drop design surface and the responsive layout ensures your dashboards are perfectly formatted for all devices. It even auto-populates native charts into PowerPoint, for those who also want easily editable offline reports. 

It’s time for researchers to take back control with powerful and easy-to-use dashboard software sitting in the right hands – your hands.

To take control of your research dashboards visit e-tabs.com/iris

Artificial intelligence is here. It’s time you use it.

Not only for big data, AI will make your surveys better

Having built AI into a survey platform, GroupSolver™ lets you answer your burning why, how and what questions faster and with more confidence. Make your surveys shorter and more interactive while getting more value from asking open-ended questions.

Answers that move the needle

Our customers – from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups – rely on GroupSolver™ to discover insights which often remain hidden from a traditional survey. Whether understanding fundamental NPS drivers or discovering why that new logo redesign doesn’t stick, GroupSolver™ has helped businesses focus on what really matters.

You don’t need to be an AI expert to make AI work for you

With an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, the GroupSolver™ platform brings the power of AI to researchers of all skill levels. Your competitors are taking advantage of AI today, shouldn’t you? 

Interactive conjoint programming and analysis

Conjoint analysis is a popular MR technique that marketers use to determine what features a product should have and how it should be priced. Using a conjoint study you can ascertain a consumer’s willingness to purchase products at certain price points and which attributes are most desirable.

Knowledge Excel offers an advanced and comprehensive range of conjoint solutions including choice-based conjoint, adaptive conjoint, menu-based conjoint, max-diff , etc., coupled with full survey programming. This service is backed by an R&D and innovation team specializing in adding an interactive element and gamified experience to surveys.

One such example is conjoint-powered virtual shelf which offers respondents an engaging survey experience that simulates their shopping experience.

Knowledge Excel’s Conjoint Centre of Excellence team develops Excel-based simulators that allow clients to conduct alternative “what-if” scenarios.

A one-stop solution provider, Knowledge Excel aims to cater almost all major activities starting right from survey scripting, data collection and data processing to advanced analytics.

http://knowledgeexcel.com | http://scriptbox.in


Combining powerful cloud-based platform technology with strategy 

All Digital Rewards is a leader in digital loyalty solutions for market research professionals. ADR offers a powerful combination of cloud-based platform technology and strategy to loyalty marketers in need of accelerating growth and deepening customer impact. All Digital Rewards creates brand-consumer interactions through promotional campaigns to spark interest, loyalty programs to retain and reward and technology applications to securely facilitate the engagement. Clients manage simultaneous customer panel promotions concurrently – all from one convenient administrative dashboard.

Founded in 2009, ADR is one of the most dynamic independent digital solution providers, headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. Visit www.alldigitalrewards.com to learn more!


System 1 Market Research with Meta4 Insight®

Protobrand set out in 2010 to build the future of non-conscious measurements in market research. Since then, our proprietary research platform, Meta4 Insight®, has redefined how inquisitive researchers capture the “what” and understand the “why” behind deep-seated emotional responses. Protobrand understands that in order to provide actionable insights for our clients, we must first begin by asking the right questions. Traditional research approaches focus on System 2, the rational, slow and deliberate brain. However – as behavioral economics has taught us – humans also rely on the faster, non-conscious System 1 brain to make decisions.

Meta4 Insight®, our proprietary research technology, leverages the fact that over 80 percent of human communication is nonverbal and captures non-conscious responses from respondents at scale. One of our techniques, visual metaphor elicitation, increases the volume of expressed words by 36 percent when compared to traditional open response questions. Expanding the depth of consumer responses goes beyond probing what is purely top-of-mind and instead allows actionable insights to be uncovered by applying an emotional and experiential lens. The metaphor elicitation responses are quantified using AI-powered text analytics to provide meaningful, quantifiable results on rich qualitative data at scale in 47 languages.

Our latest enhancement to the visual metaphor elicitation exercise allows respondents to express their own visual voice through a self-recorded video. When this feature is combined with our other capabilities such as facial coding, eye-tracking, response latency and more traditional quantitative metrics, we are able to holistically identify what respondents think and feel and determine how it might inform their behavior.

This global scalability allows research to be conducted almost anywhere in the world. Insights are no longer bound by borders or languages – instead they are scalable to uncover the universal human truths that drive behavior. 

Being able to understand exactly what drives consumer behavior allows researchers to explore consumers’ emotional relationships with brands, assess how new product innovation ideas address emotional needs or measure the emotional impact of advertising. Our full-service research consultancy delivers behavioral science-based research to Fortune 500 companies in industries such as CPG, health care, financial services, retail and technology. Whether you are testing the latest concept or diving deep into what your brand means on an emotional level, Protobrand delivers actionable results with the help of Meta4 Insight®.


Focus Pointe Global releases new e-book: Building a Culture of Innovation in Market Research: A User’s Guide

In a fast-paced, rapidly changing industry, we know we need to embrace the new technology and innovations that will move our business forward – but how exactly do we go about it?

Building a Culture of Innovation in Market Research: A User’s Guide is written by Laura Livers, Focus Pointe Global’s CEO. Her in-the-trenches perspective distills hard-won lessons and thought leadership from many sources into a pragmatic guide for leaders in the market research industry to build a framework for ongoing innovation in their businesses.

“While emerging technologies are changing the way we collect data, FPG’s dedication to service, excellence and close, long-term client relationships remains constant. We look forward to a continued journey of innovative growth in partnership with our clients, industry colleagues and research participants,” comments author Laura Livers. “I hope my experiences in purposeful innovation over 30 years will offer value to those who read the e-book.”


Unleash your inner designer

A broad range of skills is expected of you as a market researcher and nowadays you’re also expected to be a data and graphic designer … while also keeping within project timelines and budgets! It’s a tough ask. However, E-Tabs Vizualz is set to make this both manageable and enjoyable, allowing you to express your creativity through producing reports with maximum wow factor and minimum effort.

Vizualz is a data-driven infographic PowerPoint plug-in, designed specifically for you – market researchers. We’ve combined the areas we know best – market research, data visualization and automation – to provide you with an easy-to-use interface so you can produce impressive visualizations you can take pride in. By taking away the hassle through removing the manual elements of infographic creation, you can get on with the important stuff – delivering the insight. Vizualz unleashes your inner designer, all within the familiarity of PowerPoint. 

To start getting creative visit e-tabs.com/vizualz. 

Innovation and cutting-edge design with Fieldwork quality recruiting

Located in the heart of Midtown and steps away from Penn Station, Fieldwork New York City offers the recruiting and resources to help you take full advantage of the Metro New York market. 

Our recently remodeled facility boasts three conference suites with the capacity to seat up to 50 respondents and can accommodate any methodology or setup. The 30x20 great room is the perfect space for gang surveys, mock juries, taste tests or usability studies. The facility also features a window-wrapped creative space. All rooms include in-house HD recording as well as FocusVision streaming options. Face-to-face interviews can be enhanced by a multitude of online options including mobile interviews and digital homework tools.

With a sophisticated database and experienced recruiting techniques, we can offer efficient and thorough recruiting to our facility or anywhere in the New York Metro area.


ProdegeMR’s respondent-first approach

Providing quality survey responses to our clients is what ProdegeMR is known for and it is something we’re incredibly proud of. We understand the importance of treating our respondents as individuals so we provide them with engaging tools they don’t want to stop using. We firmly believe that when we put each respondent first we’re ultimately putting you, our client partner, first.

Gain access to our engaged panel via Prodege On-Demand. Our solution saves market researchers both time and money while still giving them access to one of the industry’s largest panels of high-quality respondents. In addition, we provide clients with white-glove service when they first use the platform but also through 24/7 support to help set up projects and keep them on track. It’s a DIY tool but using a do-it-together approach! 

One of the reasons why we’re able to have such a powerful panel is because we continue to build innovative tools to attract new members and keep existing members engaged. Launched in February, our new live multiplayer trivia app, known as Swag IQ, allows our members to answer questions and earn along the way! Swag IQ has been a huge hit among consumers and in the first month saw over 230,000 downloads. By attracting a multitude of new users and respondents to our ecosystem, we’ve been able to strengthen our panel with new opinions. 

ProdegeMR’s respondent-first approach has fueled the growth of our panel and attracted millions of loyal members who are ready to provide honest and thoughtful answers to research questions.


Millennials and younger employees will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce within the next seven years.

Has your employee satisfaction survey shifted to capture Millennial workplace desires? 

Studies estimate that the Millennial attrition rate is double that of prior generations. And EI research has indicated that the workplace factors driving Millennial employee satisfaction, retention, longevity and productivity are markedly different than what motivates Gen X and Boomer employees. 

While employee satisfaction surveys can be purchased off the shelf, every workplace is different and public data about what Millennials want can’t be applied to every employer, workplace, division or type of position/skill set being monitored. 

Elevated Insights has created EES – the Elevated Employee Satisfaction tracker. This approach enables companies to custom craft the factors being tracked, updating to meet Millennial and Gen Z desires. 

First, we identify what drives your Millennial and Gen Z employees’ satisfaction, retention and attrition (unique to division and role). Next, we set up tracking questions to monitor your company’s health against these factors.

The question format is highly visual and engaging – i.e., Mad Libs, slider-scales and drag-and-drop formats vs. monotonous check boxes. Survey is mobile-optimized for easy dissemination (possibly to a live audience) yielding increased employee participation.

Finally, clear recommendations and actionable next steps are provided for improving retention of this younger workforce.

Elevated Insights offers a free bridging year where key questions are asked in both the old and new formats to enable adjustments from a tracking perspective. Contact Joey Torretto for more information: Joey@elevatedinsights.com.