Methodologies, techniques and technology are rapidly changing in the marketing research and insights industry. New products and services are being released at an ever-faster pace. How can you keep up on what is new? Quirk’s has you covered. In this section, you will find some of the newest and most innovative tools and services to keep your research up to speed. From the latest in software, technology, methodology and services, these are the products and service you will want to know about.

Toluna is the only insights provider uniquely designed to empower today’s on-demand economy. We are powered by the perfect fusion of expertise, technology and community – which we use to connect businesses and consumers to deliver insights on-demand to companies of all sizes.

TolunaInsights is the industry’s leading on-demand, real-time consumer insights platform. 

TolunaInsights is the only end-to-end platform where audiences, surveys, communities and analytics are completely integrated with one another, and Toluna’s global influencer community, accessible through one interface, empowering the adoption of agile research approaches, enterprise-level research programs and ultimately better and quicker decision-making. Clients can opt to access the platform directly, leverage Toluna’s managed services or create fully customized digital consumer insights programs via our engineered services.


A product manager at a self-driving car company sits right on the cutting edge of innovation. But the obstacles Michael Paris faced at start-up drive.ai will sound familiar to market researchers across other industries.

With most market research solutions Paris lacked visibility into the survey creation process, had trouble reaching his target market and had no real-time access to the data.

In SurveyMonkey Audience, Michael found an ...