By: Joe Razza

KnowledgeHound is at the forefront of change, which has never been more important than today with the events of the past year. Our customers are rapidly working to understand what has changed, and more importantly, trying to anticipate what will change in the future. As a technology partner, our job is similar. We seek to understand what is changing in our customer’s world and then change ourselves to meet their needs in the future. 

By working with our customers, we learned how they are collecting data faster than ever, from more sources than ever, how they need to continue to move faster, but with accuracy, and how they need to understand smaller segments. These are only several of the must-haves to enable the modern researcher to provide businesses with the quantitative survey analysis insights needed to navigate the increasingly diverse world.

We couldn’t be happier to help power the next generation of insight discovery. We’ve compiled our Top 7 reasons to be excited for a future with Analysis 2.0.‍

Top Seven Reasons Your Quantitative Survey Analysis Will Excel with KnowledgeHound‍


Insights often lie in areas not easily accessible. We’ve completely rethought how a researcher can work with survey data like clay. Moving variables any which way, with smooth drag and drop functionality. Adding, switching and removing variables is extremely easy so you can explore wide and deep.


Automatic nesting of variables allows you to quickly explore deeper differences between segments. Nest up to four levels deep when pin-point comparisons are needed.


Our analysis experience was built from the ground up to handle everything from a quick turn survey to the largest foundational U&A. We partnered with our world-class customers to understand their needs to quickly dig into the toughest data sets.


The need to have data reliably and accurately is paramount. Analyzing quantitative survey data can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put smarts in to help make it easier. As you move from chart type to chart type the chart builder adjusts its language and base variable depending on the chart type. One less thing to think about so you can focus on the data.


Creating nets, such as Top 2 Box, are available with a click of a button on any variable you have in your analysis. Create any net you desire and make your analysis as custom as you need to.

Single-click stat testing

Understanding statistical significance is important and not something everyone knows how to do. Luckily, we enable you to run automated significance tests with a single click. Up to 10 million comparisons can be calculated, typically in under one minute.*

Automatic base size control

Filtering can be slow and tedious. Luckily, as an advanced feature, you can let KnowledgeHound do the filtering for you as you build your analysis out. Instead of using the overall base to calculate percentages, KnowledgeHound can update the base as options are turned on and off. Ensuring you’re always looking at exactly the population in the chart.

‍Curious to see it in action? Click here to request a demo.

*Stat testing performance will differ based on base size, the number of variables and options selected in your analysis.