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San Antonio, TX

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Most of our clients are leaders in large companies who are very successful like you, but sometimes have challenges where they feel frustrated with gaps in customer understanding, or they are not happy with poor customer experiences or they are disappointed with slowing sales or lagging innovation. If this connects with you, then reach out at 800-549-7170 as we may be able to help you too!

We offer:

1) Gold Customer Journey Mapping™ (B2B and B2C)

Customized journey maps that display you customers’ entire paths-to-purchase so you can make targeted improvements and impact buyers positively. We specialize in B2B as well as B2C journey mapping. Hire our certified journey mappers to take your path-to-purchase research to the next level.

2) Gold Digital Journey Mapping™

Nearly every company is wondering how they can compete with Amazon for the online shopping wallet of their own customers. But few capture the digital journey that their own customers take on their path to purchase – something that over 80% of today’s shoppers travel. Gold’s Digital Journey Mapping™ allows you to capture the full digital customer experience – online, mobile, social and even voice-activated through Amazon Echo or Google Home.

3) Gold Brand Tracking™

Track, identify and quantify customer journey decision points and how initiatives affect customers. Understand the landscape of customer choices and their reaction to the broad experience of category exploration and engagement. Help discern connection points with your brand and the rational and emotional responses to journey initiatives, whether it be new brand messaging, brand refresh, new advertising strategy and/or operational initiatives.

4) Gold In-Store Research and Package Testing™

Capture genuine shopper behaviors and "real-time" reactions to your packaging online as well as in-store. By using it, your business decisions are based not only on what shoppers might say but also on what they actually do and, when paired with biometrics, truly feel.

5) Gold Research-Support™

Outsource your survey programming, hosting, tabs, open end coding, charting, report development to us, so you can focus on more critical tasks.

6) Gold Full Service™

We specialize in satisfaction research (customers, employees), new concept/service testing, marketing/ad testing. We focus on emotions in finding the right insights to help grow your business.

7) Gold Intercepts™

If you want “in-the-moment” insights, we offer Gold Intercepts™. Our 100,000+ local surveyors can survey on-site anywhere. All incoming data is GPS validated and monitored in real time to ensure 100% accurate data. Optimum for customer intercepts, exit interviews, audits and mystery shops.

We support clients in multiple industries including:

  • Technology: Google, Amazon, NortonLifeLock (formerly Symantec)
  • Retail: Wal-Mart, Kroger, Lidl, Petco, T-Mobile, 1-800 Contacts
  • CPG: ConAgra, Dannon, Clorox, Welch’s, Oregon
  • Manufacturing: Lubrizol, Michelin, ConAgra, Epson, Goodyear
  • Health care: HearUSA, Abbott Laboratories, Covidien, Methodist Healthcare
  • Financial: Kaiser Permanente, Mutual of Omaha, Netspend, Penn Mutual
  • Food service/Restaurants: Panera, Hooters, Burger King, Outback Steakhouse, Taco Bell
  • Associations: Direct Selling Association (DSA),  National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED)
  • Airports and metro: Albuquerque International Sunport, Houston Metro

Year Established:   2012

Number of Employees:   30-50

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8000 I.H. 10 W., Suite 600
San Antonio, TX 78230
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  • 800-549-7170
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