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Company Description

DLG Research is a marketing research boutique that aids clients in the creation of effective marketing strategies and tactics by providing insightful research, robust conclusions and keen insights that yield actionable results. DLG Research presents a dynamic research approach to each project: understanding clients' needs, knowing the ethnic market, applying analytical thinking and proposing a creative research approach.

A dynamic research approach

We believe research is an integral part of branding, marketing and communications. A successful research effort requires up-front understanding, careful planning and a multidimensional approach.

The active interaction of these elements results in rich and valuable insights that can be learned from, acted on and ultimately, used as the decisive factors in creating successful marketing plans.

DLG Research brings a dynamic research approach to each project: understanding clients' needs, delivering market knowledge, applying analytical thinking and proposing a creative research approach

Delivering market knowledge

Years of working in research and branding for the general and Hispanic markets have provided DLG Research with strong knowledge of America today, providing a unique perspective of the multicultural reality of today.

  • Migrated to the U.S. as teenagers
  • Bilingual, bicultural
  • Comprehensive understanding of the acculturation process

Qualitative research

Our qualitative capabilities extend beyond a collection of “sound bites”, into a rich cultural connection with the consumer. 

From traditional focus groups to online video diaries, DLG will pair up objectives with the methodology that best addresses them, creating an effective research design that maximizes learnings as well as budgets, offering end-to-end solutions that take care of recruiting, facility coordination, moderation and insight mining.

Quantitative research

Quantitative projects take the same dynamic research approach, with the highest standards of integrity in numbers and quality control.

DLG teams up with the most qualified field services to provide clients with accurate, reliable quantitative data.

  • Methodology selection, questionnaire design, flow, wording and timing are carefully crafted for successful implementation.
  • Our data analysis and interpretation take into consideration cultural factors to accurately reflect consumers’ opinions.
  • Although statistics and number accuracy are the number one priority, our reports are written for marketing and branding, not for statisticians.

Year Established:   2007

Number of Employees:   2

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