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Company Description

Founded on the premise that research should better align with marketers’ needs, Provoke Insights’ innovative approach empowers brands to navigate today’s cluttered marketing space. As a builder of brands, the firm solely focuses on research for branding, advertising, media and content marketing initiatives. Provoke Insights conducts not only traditional market research projects but also develops agile, innovative initiatives to meet the quick and varied needs of today’s ever-changing market.

The leaders in market research and brand strategy

The Provoke Insights team includes research experts who are also seasoned brand and media strategists. This ensures that the in-depth exploration of questions and insights is cultivated and capitalized. We garner insights from the data to help guide your company's vision.

Our focuses:


Empower brands by gathering tangible data for a plethora of branding and marketing initiatives, including brand equity, brand tracking, segmentation, concept testing and thought leadership research.

From launching a new brand, enhancing a current one or testing advertising concepts, Provoke Insights provides actionable data to confidently solve all your business needs. With access to samples in 80+ countries and niche targets in the B2B/B2C spaces, brands can receive customized, hyper-targeted quantifiable research. Provoke Insights also conducts advanced analytics techniques all in-house. Examples of research topics include:

  • Advertising and copy testing.
  • Advertising and media effectiveness.
  • Advertising tracking.
  • Brand ideation.
  • Brand tracking.
  • Channel optimization.
  • Consumer behavior.
  • Consumer journey.
  • Creative testing.
  • Market segmentation.
  • Media.
  • Message testing.
  • Naming.
  • NPS/loyalty.
  • Positioning.
  • Research for content marketing.


All Provoke Insights’ moderators are in-house and are experienced brand strategists. We use a diverse set of qualitative methodologies to empower brands to discover their audiences’ habits, attitudes and behaviors. Provoke Insights uses our signature strategic branding process to develop actionable brand strategies, the Insights Framework. The framework provides answers to brands’ burning questions, illuminating where the opportunities and barriers lie and how to break through them.

  • Focus groups.
  • In-depth interviews.
  • AI qual.
  • Co-creative branding workshops.
  • Selfie mobile interviews.

Brand strategy

Provoke Insights develops comprehensive and fully customized brand and advertising strategies to pinpoint ideal messaging, target audiences, media recommendations, ad sales narratives and go-to-market strategies. Market research is our tool to develop a concise plan encompassing all methodologies – quantitative, qualitative and beyond. Provoke Insights curates the research to develop a plan to increase return on investment.

  • Audience reach.
  • Brand architecture.
  • Channel recommendations.
  • Creative briefs.
  • Competitive advantages.
  • Growth opportunities.
  • Industry influencers.
  • Key messaging.
  • Target audiences and sub-segment.

Secondary research 

With access to 50+ databases, Provoke Insights goes above and beyond to find pre-existing information to help clients stay abreast of the latest trends. When it comes to content marketing and thought leadership research, we vet the potential topics and headlines before primary research is conducted to ensure our client studies are not echoing existing research. Our process sparks unique ideas and new perspectives on a subject, making it more engaging to your customers and prospects.

Year Established:   2014

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Customer Contact(s):
Carly Fink, President, Head of Research & Strategy
  • 212-653-8819
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