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Marketing Research - Insight Platforms

Finding a marketing research platform to fit your needs can be challenging. How do you find reliable companies that provide real customer feedback, data analysis, survey creation and have customer-centric strategies? In this section, you will find 29 insight platforms that will keep your marketing research up to date. Trust the experts to help you obtain refined reliable insights.

Shapiro+Raj AQuA™

Extract more insight in less time with S+R AQuA™

CivicScience The InsightStore

Improve your market prediction outcomes with The InsightStore
Experiential insights powered by conversation

Conversational research design principles brought to life on Rival, the world’s best mobile-first market research platform

Fresh new voices on a fresh new platform: Rival’s mobile-first insight community

We invented the insight community, then revolutionized it

OnePulse platform

Eliminate market research obstacles with OnePulse

QuMind: The market research tool you always wanted

Leaders in market research technology for a greater UX

DISQO’s insights platform

The go-to source for high-fidelity data and valid audiences

InnovateMR technology suite

Gain fast and trustworthy results through InnovateMR’s Insights Products

Know Now® with 1Q

Receive instant customer feedback with 1Q

HARK Connect's qual tech platform

Qual that is high-tech and high-touch

Fuel Cycle’s Market Research Cloud

Maintain connections though comprehensive intelligence

Improve your panel management quality with SampleNinja

The most effective panel management – that’s ready for now and the future

Ascribe's CX Inspector

Uncover insights from open-ended responses quickly and easily

Collage Group’s cultural intelligence platform

Incorporate cultural intelligence to drive brand growth

Potloc's all-encompassing platform

Potloc is an all-encompassing platform for market researchers to uncover highly accurate and niche B2C and B2B insights about their target markets

Aha! Insights Technology's live technology market research platform

Aha! Insights Technology: The all-in-one online research platform

Snap Surveys Snap XMP

Strengthen your insights through a collaborative experience measurement platform

Gongos’ i°Communities

Improve customer-centric business strategies

Online Qualitative Research Concierge Service by Atkins Strategies

Atkins Strategies introduces Online Qualitative Research Concierge Service

Intelligence2day® from Line of Sight

Rely on Intelligence2day to better analyze, organize and share information

Mercury Analytics Live Labs

Improve your focus group quality with Live Labs

Boost Your Insights Engine’s Power

Democratize insights and better your customer-centric decisions with Bloomfire

Good tools, great minds

Receive reliable insights from reliable people at KLC

Sparks & Honey: Q™ Quantifies Culture

Discover, refine and impact with Q™

The Forsta platform

Improve your customer insights through the tools Forsta’s platform offers

QuestionPro’s enterprise-grade survey platform

Market research platform to uncover complex insights that can propel your business to the forefront of your industry

Mindfield’s seamless IHUT Platform

Minefield: Driven by decades of experience

Toluna Start intelligence insights platform

Get the market insights you need through Toluna Start

Recollective Inc. activity customization

Receive rich insights through social and activity-based features